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June 01, 2011 10:30 ET

AISystems Announces Strategic Arrangement With Major Social Media Company

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 1, 2011) - AISystems, Inc. (OTCBB:ASYI) ("AISystems" or the "Company"), creator of jetEngine, a revolutionary business platform software system for the airline industry, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic agreement with N5R to maximize the Company's web presence, social media strategy and online marketing services.

The companies will work together to promote and market AISystems Inc.'s jetEngine™ Business Planning Suite ("jetEngine™ BPS") platform across a variety of Social Media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Having sold $4.4 billion in real estate and other products through their powerful platforms, N5R are experts in social media and will provide strategic vision to the Company's social media program. They will begin a targeted campaign in conjunction with the Company's Beta Customer Program featuring advertising, targeted blog and news content, custom landing pages and webinars which will allow the Company to reach deeply and effectively into their target market at a significantly lower cost than was previously available.

Acting as an extension of AISystems' marketing department, N5R will deliver a wide range of marketing, branding and advertising services. By working with N5R to add extended functionality without the need to increase marketing headcount, AISystems will be able to keep its focus firmly on building groundbreaking solutions for the airline industry.

Because jetEngine™ BPS operates in the Cloud and does not require IT connectivity to an Airlines' infrastructure, AISystems intends to sell the product directly via Social Media Marketing channels, using AISystems' LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more venues to educate prospective customers about the strengths of the Company's product and value proposition.

N5R's skill in linking various social media platforms together to establish a consistent brand presence for AISystems and the jetEngine™ BPS suite will be a key component for the success of the Company's recently announced Social Media Launch. Using advanced analytics, N5R will identify and promote to ideal prospective customers for jetEngine™ BPS, reaching extensively into the Company's target client base with unobtrusive but effective marketing bulletins.

Stephen C. Johnston, President and CEO of AISystems stated "We were looking for a way to truly capture the essence of our groundbreaking jetEngine™ BPS airline planning tool and to get the message out as quickly and efficiently as possible. N5R was the one company that took the time to understand our value proposition while also demonstrating an extreme skill set in building comprehensive Social Media Marketing plans. We look forward to a long and successful arrangement with N5R."

Roman Bodnarchuk, President & CEO of N5R stated, "jetEngine™ BPS is a perfect product for the services we offer. As it operates in the Cloud, a prospective customer can learn and experience everything they need to know about jetEngine™ BPS' ability to improve their business from anywhere on their laptop or even mobile device. Our first job at N5R is to find the right prospects, and to make it easy for the right prospects to find us. From there, it is imperative that we provide messaging and content which enables the prospect to make the right decision – which is to integrate jetEngine™ BPS into their airline planning toolkit. We are confident we can do that."

Social Media Initiative

AISystems intends to market jetEngine™ BPS to a wide audience by deploying the power of the most current social media tools available to drive adoption for its Beta Customer Program which will serve as an additional on-ramp for future customers. Some of the social media tools that will be used to deliver information to prospective customers and partners include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Google Buzz, Digg it and Technoratic with a specific emphasis on the Company's expanded target audience.

AISystems will be sponsoring an industry-specific blog and news updates that will educate while providing significant awareness of the jetEngine™ BPS and its ability to solve specific problems for the targeted viewer. The Company will be hosting a Webinar series where prospective Beta Customers can see key features and benefits of the product, including video tutorials, testimonials and product overviews accessed via the Company's LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages, as well as directly from the Company website.

By utilizing advanced analytics to measure response to these awareness and advertising initiatives in terms of traffic, lead conversion and targeted customer interest, the Company will be able to reach its audience and connect with many key decision makers entirely via the Web. Through the strategic use of search engine optimization, focused landing pages and awareness campaigns designed for a targeted high-reward audience, the Company can achieve these objectives at a significant savings over traditional marketing methods, while achieving far greater market reach than could be attained otherwise.

About N5R

N5R is a global marketing and advertising firm with an international portfolio including clients spanning the automotive, residential real estate, hotel and resort, computer software and pharmaceutical industries. Over the last decade, N5R has built an impressive international portfolio of clients including residential projects, destination clubs, master-planned communities, condo conversions, and condominium hotels as well as many global companies and brands, including Apple, Microsoft, Nissan, Ford, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Hershey's, Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Procter & Gamble. N5R's inbound marketing system performs an analysis of current marketing reach and determines the volume of prospects being targeted by various marketing efforts across multiple platforms.

N5R's latest inbound marketing system harnesses the power of Social Media to enable its clients' websites to rank higher in search engines and increase traffic, while using tools which provide website comparison to competitors' on many key metrics, including inbound links and indexed pages. As a result, N5R is able to determine traffic and lead origin as well as the percentage of leads converting to purchasing customers.

For more information about N5R and its Inbound Marketing System Advantage, please call +1 (647) 348-8690 or email

About jetEngine™ BPS

jetEngine™ BPS is an advanced business platform that produces a complete business plan including a cost, revenue and profitability analysis. As well, the system produces completely integrated and feasible route, fleet, crew and maintenance schedules at a speed previously unimaginable. This tool, based on advanced scheduling algorithms and features, allows for the complete redesign of the airline business planning approach. When building the business plan, satisfying all planning requirements and business objectives, jetEngine™ BPS reduces the airline planning cycle from months to minutes. This paradigm shift in airline planning is only possible through jetEngine™ BPS' breakthrough technology and algorithms.

A powerful feature of jetEngine™ BPS is that it operates in the "Cloud", independently of existing in-house systems. jetEngine BPS is AISystems' first Cloud-based software suite and is the first product in the Company's new SAAS (Software as a Service) business model, allowing it to be rapidly implemented by an airline.

AISystems is inviting selected airlines, airline industry planners, executives, management consultants and financial analysts to participate in our jetEngine Beta Customer Program. Operating closely with the Company, these select airlines and individuals will be able to model complex airline planning problems and view real-world opportunities for improved revenue and profitability. For further information on the jetEngine Beta Customer Program please call +1 (416) 367-2544 or email

About AISystems

AISystems has developed a unique, proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine™, which is comprised of systems and mathematical algorithms capable of generating significant profitability improvements through strategic business planning capabilities, resource scheduling, revenue management and integrated operations. More information about AISystems can be found at

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