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August 19, 2015 10:47 ET

AJC Radio Program Announcement -- Spotlight On Capitol Hill... Where A Just Cause Puts the Spotlight on Senators, Members of Congress, and Their Legislation; This Week -- Senator Orrin Hatch (R - UT)

Spotlight on Capitol Hill Gives Listeners an In-depth Look at Initiatives and the Legislative Agenda of Our Elected Officials in Washington D.C., Says Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - August 19, 2015) - AJC Radio airs a weekly segment called "Spotlight On Capitol Hill." The segment allows AJC Radio to shine the spotlight on members of Congress and the Senate from a positive perspective. This is a forum for an upbeat review of legislation that covers a broad spectrum of initiatives. The program format allows listeners to weigh in and have lively dialogue with the AJC Radio team.

Justice advocacy group, A Just Cause (AJC), announces today that the Thursday, August 20, 2015 segment of AJC Radio's "Spotlight On Capitol Hill" will be shining the spotlight on Senator Orrin Hatch (, 8-10PM ET).

"'Spotlight On Capitol Hill' is an exciting part of AJC Radio where we dive into the political issues of the day and it allows us to bring our listening audience information about the excellent work being done by members of both the House and the Senate," says Lamont Banks, A Just Cause Executive Director. "We've done spotlights on notable members of the House and Senate like Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D - CA), Senator Patrick Leahy (D - VT), Congressman Charles Rangel (D - NY), Senator Charles Schumer (D - NY), Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D - NY), Congresswoman Judy Chu (D - CA), and others. Congressman Rangel actually took the time to do an interview with AJC Radio, which was an excellent opportunity for AJC Radio listeners to hear first-hand from a key figure on Capitol Hill," adds Banks. "We do everything within our power to share as much information as possible about the Senator or House Representative," Banks concludes.

"This week we have chosen to shine the spotlight on Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah," Banks explains. "As we shine the spotlight on Senator Hatch we will recognize his key priorities like Balancing the Budget, securing and protecting freedoms outlined in the Constitution, Crime and Justice, Education, Immigration, the investigation of the IRS and much, much more," proclaims Banks.

Now in his seventh term as Utah's senator, Orrin Hatch is the most senior Republican in the Senate. Among his many initiatives are the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, the Strengthening Our Commitment to Legal Immigration and America's Security Act, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, and the Utah School Trust Lands Exchange Act. Senator Hatch is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance. He is also a member (and former Chairman) of the Judiciary Committee; a member (and former Chairman) of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee; and a member of the Joint Committee on Taxation. He also has the honor of serving on the Board of Directors for the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Orrin Grant Hatch was born on March 22, 1934, to Jesse and Helen Hatch. He married Elaine Hansen of Newton, Utah in 1957. Orrin and Elaine Hatch are the proud parents of six children, 23 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. (

"AJC is very impressed with the work that Senator Hatch is doing in investigating the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)," says Sam Thurman, A Just Cause. "As part of the IRP6 case, it was discovered that the IRS violated several rules when they obtained financial records of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church, its Pastor and several members -- and without a subpoena. That was outrageous," Thurman adds.

"We approached the Senate Ways and Means committee about the IRP6 case and how the IRS violated the rights of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church as a nonprofit religious organization," says Banks. "We were very encouraged by the level of interest of Senator Hatch's staff as they stated they were going to look into this matter as they looked at other violations that had occurred at the IRS, like those against Tea Party organizations," says Banks. "Senator Hatch is to be applauded for leading the charge in investigating injustice and violations of constitutional rights as what occurred at the IRS. During 'Spotlight On Capitol Hill' we will talk about Senator Hatch's probe into the IRS as well as the violations against the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church," Banks adds.

"When AJC Radio listeners see the list of initiatives that Senator Hatch is championing in Washington, D.C. I'm confident they will long for more information about this defender of the constitution," says Thurman. "This is one of those situations where we know that there is a lot of information to share, so we invite listeners to take the opportunity to chime in with thoughts about what's going on in D.C. The lines will be opened; all they have to do is call," Thurman adds.

"We make every effort to get a member of Congress or the Senate on the air, but as everyone knows their schedules are pretty hectic and they are on recess right now. That being said, I encourage the listeners to tune in, because just as Congressman Rangel appeared on the program for a one-on-one interview, you never know what surprise guest might be on the air," Banks concludes.

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