June 19, 2008 20:26 ET

AJIS LLC Announces Licensing Support for 3650 to 3700 MHz Terrestrial Broadband Wireless Services

PLEASANTON, CA--(Marketwire - June 19, 2008) - AJIS LLC, a provider of wireless technology, marketing and business consulting services, announced today that it is providing licensing and regulatory support for the 3.65 to 3.70 GHz radio service bands.

In 2007, the FCC opened the 3650-3700 MHz band for licensed terrestrial wireless broadband operations. The band is well suited to high-power broadband operations, and is structured to provide multiple co-located competitive service providers an economical means of quickly initiating broadband services. Nationwide terrestrial implementation is permitted, but use in major population areas requires coordination with approximately 100 grandfathered satellite earth stations, each with a 150 km circular protection zone around their operations. Commercial WiMAX equipment is permitted to operate in part of the 3.5 GHz band.

AJIS has long provided licensing and regulatory services for US and international frequency bands and services. This new service for the 3.65-3.7 GHz band includes assisting clients with the following:

--  Obtaining a nationwide, non-exclusive license.
--  Obtaining FCC-certified equipment (fixed, base and mobile equipment
    must incorporate unique "contention-based protocols").
--  Coordinating with fixed satellite earth stations within FCC-mandated
    150 km restricted zones.
--  Link planning and monitoring networks for nearby stations.
--  Registering fixed links and base stations.
--  Assisting with interference issues.

Dr. Jonathan Wells, Principal Partner at AJIS, stated, "We are pleased to announce the ability to help clients negotiate the new 3.65 to 3.70 GHz WiMAX terrestrial broadband radio frequencies. With the difficulty in working around the numerous grandfathered fixed service satellite teleports, plus the unique coordination requirements to mitigate harmful interference, we believe that our licensing service can ease clients' regulatory concerns, and allow them to focus on delivering the cost effective, wireless broadband services that this new band enables."


AJIS is a consulting company specializing in broadband wireless technology, with a focus on the microwave and millimeter-wave frequency bands. We advise clients on all aspects of product development, technical marketing, radio licensing and wireless business strategies. We work closely with FCC, ETSI, CEPT and numerous other wireless standards bodies and global regulators, and were responsible for setting up the e-band 71-76 GHz / 81-86 GHz regulatory framework in Europe and many countries around the globe. For more information visit or call 925-200-5124.

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