October 07, 2009 09:45 ET

AK Tweens Announces Pre-Sale of the "AllyKatzz 2009 Tween Girl Syndicated Report"

Findings Based on Tween Girl Attendees at The First National Tween Girl Summit and Girls Following the Event Online at AllyKatzz.com

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 7, 2009) - AK Tweens announces the pre-sale of the "AllyKatzz 2009 Tween Girl Syndicated Report," including qualitative and quantitative reports of the groundbreaking First National Tween Girl Summit, and girls following the event online at AllyKatzz.com. The report will cover the approximate 300 tween girls (ages 9 to 14) participating in The Summit for one full day, observing their every move and creating actionable insights for marketers to apply to their business strategies. In addition, information will be gathered from approximately 500 tween girls online.

The First National Tween Girl Summit, held in Washington, DC, on October 10, 2009, is designed to give the girls a platform to speak up and be heard. Attending policy makers, content providers, marketers, and media will have the opportunity to hear what is going on in the minds of tween girls. Topics include safety and cyber-bullying, self-esteem, education, the economy and more. The Summit format empowers girls to make their opinions known and learn how they can improve their world by giving feedback to people who can champion their causes -- from lawmakers and non-profits to entertainment companies and educators.

Data from this daylong focus group will be captured and compiled into this comprehensive report, including Summit Session Summaries, Macro and Micro Trends, the Top 10 Tween Tenets, and even MOMversationals -- interviews and surveys from Moms of tween girl attendees. 500 additional girls on AllyKatzz.com will contribute insight and feedback on the same topics, further expanding the data sample.

A preliminary report surveying 500 tween girls online revealed the following:

Most stressful issue for tween girls: GRADES

Thing they would most like to change in the world: END WAR

What they wish they could change about themselves: TO BE A BETTER ATHLETE

Percent of girls who believe they are capable of making their dreams come true: 58.3%

The "AllyKatzz 2009 Tween Girl Syndicated Report" is available November 6, 2009, and can be pre-ordered at a 15% discount prior to October 21. Contact: Rosie Mankes. 732-672-0237, Rosie@allykatzz.com

Certain sponsors of The Tween Girl Summit are also conducting proprietary research at The Summit. For more information contact: Rosie Mankes. 732-672-0237, Rosie@allykatzz.com


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