July 12, 2007 16:20 ET

akaRED Offers a "Shot" of Significance

Business Model Brings Ground Floor Opportunity to New Associates

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - July 12, 2007) - akaRED (AH-KAH-RED) debuts a new corporate consciousness, combining two offerings: an innovative, first-of-its-kind, "super beverage" and a revolutionary vehicle to drive significance into the lives of individuals, through community participation.

akaRED's focus is on "total balance"; balancing health, financial well-being and the opportunity to make a difference in the community. akaRED brings a new era of network marketing, which will modernize the industry and move it into the 21st century. A reinvention akaRED is calling the "REDvolution."

akaRED kicked off its REDvolution with a soft launch event in downtown Salt Lake City, Saturday, 7.7.07. Introduced, were its first-of-its-kind health beverage, akaRISE! and corporate team. akaRED's messages about 'giving back before profits' and helping people achieve better health while running a successful home-based business were received by a very enthusiastic audience.

The event kicked off with a "shot" of akaRISE!. The reaction was everything the company hoped for with taste-testing guests describing the drink as "fruity" and "remarkably tasty, especially considering its vitamin content."

akaRISE! differentiates itself with RedEx™, a revolutionary process designed to make the nutrients in the beverage more bioavailable and better absorbed by the human body," stated akaRED's scientific advisor, David Edwards.

PhD. Dr. Edwards continues, "The akaRISE! formula contains extracts of acai, goji, mangosteen and pomegranate, as well as supplements including CoQ10, Selenium, Vitamin B12 and others which are combined with the intent to give the body all of the micronutrients and trace elements needed for optimal function."

"As a company focused on total balance, our strategy is built on three pillars: state-of-the-art product innovation, financial reward and community involvement. Obviously, family plays a huge part in this picture. When it comes to our culture, a phrase often heard at akaRED is 'it's all about you,'" said Steve Luke, Founder and Managing Member. Luke with wife, Katsura Luke, are the visionaries of akaRED with Johnathan Neff serving as President.

"The event was a huge success and the company is happy to offer this unique opportunity to the industry," further stated Steve Luke.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, akaRED has a strong presence in the Salt Lake City area with growing distribution. For more information, interviews or photos, please contact Bridget Zeuner at 602.628.8292 or visit

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