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May 07, 2007 09:00 ET

Akorri Introduces Application Service Level Management for VMware

BalancePoint 1.5 Accelerates Consolidation by Improving Performance and Efficiency of Virtual Infrastructure

LITTLETON, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 7, 2007 -- Akorri, Inc., the leader in application service level management in the data center, today announced the availability of BalancePoint™ 1.5 management software. The new version is the first solution to offer cross-domain management for applications running on VMware®, the global leader in virtual infrastructure software. For VMware customers, BalancePoint provides visibility into server and storage resources to help resolve performance problems and improve service levels. BalancePoint 1.5 also introduces support for Oracle® database mapping and a comprehensive set of features for application-aware storage management. Together these new capabilities extend Akorri's leadership position and significantly expand its market opportunity.

"Customers of all sizes have asked us to help them maximize their investments in virtual infrastructure," said Rich Corley, Akorri founder and CEO. "Virtualization offers tremendous advantages over traditional approaches, but new management technologies are required to achieve the full benefits in data center environments. BalancePoint 1.5 provides new levels of visibility and control for applications running on VMware by mapping the server and storage resources supporting each application and using Akorri's advanced analytics to help deliver enterprise-class performance."

"Server virtualization with VMware is enabling a new wave of data center consolidation projects," said Arun Taneja, President of the Taneja Group. "This approach can deliver huge economic benefits, but it has also created the need for a new breed of management technologies that can help manage performance in a virtual world. Akorri's BalancePoint product can help ensure success of server virtualization projects by providing fine-tuned control mechanisms to optimize the virtualized data center end-to-end."

BalancePoint is the first management solution to provide cross-domain visibility into application performance and infrastructure utilization that is critical to making capacity planning decisions across IT silos. BalancePoint's unique analytics technology enables IT organizations to quickly solve performance problems, optimize application performance, improve infrastructure utilization and accurately plan for growth and change.

BalancePoint 1.5 is available now and consists of BalancePoint's Examiner and Analyzer modules, fully integrated and pre-loaded on a ready-to-use rack-mount appliance. The new BalancePoint 1.5 capabilities for VMware include:

BalancePoint Examiner for VMware:

--  Delivers end-to-end performance information for ESX Server and VM
    guests running on data center infrastructure, enhancing native VMware
    VirtualCenter management capabilities
--  Provides deep visibility into the server and storage resources that
    are being used by applications running on VMware
--  Helps troubleshoot and resolve VMware application performance issues
BalancePoint Analyzer for VMware:
--  Helps optimize performance by identifying points of resource
    contention and assessing the impact of data center infrastructure changes
--  Provides specific recommendations for improving application service
--  Analyzes performance and capacity utilization over time, keeping track
    of metrics even as VMs are migrated to different servers using VMotion

Akorri is also introducing other new capabilities including:

BalancePoint Examiner for Oracle:

--  Automatically maps the elements of an Oracle database to the storage
    infrastructure, providing immediate visibility into complex Oracle
--  Improves troubleshooting of performance issues by providing a
    graphical topology view of the Oracle database schema and possible points
    of contention

GuidePoint Dynamic Thresholds:

--  Predicts performance for the next 48 hours based on historical
    behavior helping to manage seasonality and identify spikes in future

GuidePoint Storage Analysis:

--  Uses advanced analytics to assess storage system utilization and
    performance to help match application workloads to the appropriate storage
--  New intelligent LUN and volume migration tools

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