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December 04, 2006 08:00 ET

Akustica's Digital Microphone Chip Improves Voice Quality on Fujitsu's Top-Selling Convertible Tablet PC

AKU2000 Microphone Array Designed Into Fujitsu LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC

PITTSBURGH, PA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 4, 2006 -- Akustica, Inc., a pioneer in acoustic system-on-chip solutions, today announced that Fujitsu Computer Systems Corporation has chosen to use AKU2000 microphones for the embedded microphone array in its best-selling LifeBook® T4215 convertible Tablet PC.

Akustica’s AKU2000 is the world’s first Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) microphone. As one of Akustica’s digital microphones, it is a member of the only family of single-chip silicon microphones in the industry today.

“High-quality voice recording is becoming essential to mobile users as they rely more on their Tablet PC to conduct their day-to-day tasks. Demands for voice annotating files and interest in applications such as Voice over IP are increasing in vertical markets such as healthcare,” said Paul Moore, Sr. Director of Mobile Product Marketing, Fujitsu Computer Systems. “By deploying the Akustica AKU2000 microphones in the LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC, Fujitsu can provide a superior voice input solution in a convertible tablet without compromising the form factor.”

Akustica’s Microphone Chips were selected by Fujitsu for a variety of factors, including:

--  RFI/EMI Immunity - The AKU2000 is a complete Voice-to-Bits™ audio
    solution, immune to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic
    Interference (EMI) from nearby sources, allowing the microphone array to be
    placed easily in the display bezel without regard to antenna or display
    noise. This RFI/EMI immunity provided by the Voice-to-Bits solution is a
    result of both the single-chip construction of the AKU2000 and the digital
    output that comes from the integrated sigma-delta modulator. The end result
    is a robust microphone array which does not require additional circuitry or
    shielded cabling, allowing the microphone array wiring to easily fit the bi-
    directional LCD hinge of the LifeBook T4215;
--  Small size - The AKU2000 microphones are tiny enough to be embedded in
    the bezel of the Fujitsu tablet alongside the LCD, the best position for
    recording sound on a tablet PC;
--  Standard CMOS - Because the AKU2000 is a CMOS MEMS chip, it can be
    manufactured in quantity with guaranteed uniformity, a factor that is
    critically important to manufacturers. Uniform performance between
    microphones is also important in applications such as the LifeBook T4215 in
    which noise suppression software is used in conjunction with the microphone
    array to further enhance the voice input quality.

“Laptop buyers and laptop manufacturers have been historically focused on the quality of audio output, not input,” said Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst, Enderle Group. “With the proliferation of VoIP applications coupled with rapid increase in VoIP users in many markets, manufacturers are recognizing the importance of sound quality. As a result, digital microphones such as Akustica’s are becoming increasingly critical in laptop designs to better address this growing VoIP user base. These microphones dramatically improve the quality of voice input, therefore improving the performance of VoIP and other voice-enabled applications.”

Information and Availability

The ultra-light 4.3-pound LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC is designed to meet the needs of mobile and field professionals in healthcare, field and sales force automation, and supply chain management who require the flexibility of a tablet for note taking or navigating through forms-based applications, along with the traditional keyboard input of a notebook computer.

Powered by the high-performance, power-efficient Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor, the Microsoft Windows Vista™-capable LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC is the only convertible Tablet PC on the market with a built-in modular bay that supports an optical drive or an additional battery. The T4215 Tablet PC, which delivers renowned Fujitsu reliability is further distinguished by the industry’s first bi-directional display hinge, offering the ability to turn the screen in both directions for added convenience and flexibility.

The LifeBook T4215 Tablet PC is immediately available through the Fujitsu direct sales force, website, channel partners and select retail outlets. Information is available at

The AKU2000 microphone is in production now. For more information on Akustica, please contact Akustica via phone: (412) 390-1730, Fax (412) 390-1737, email: or web:

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Founded in 2001, Akustica, Inc. is a privately held company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Through a revolutionary technology known as Sensory Silicon™, Akustica products enable electronic devices to sense and respond to the world around them. By leveraging standard CMOS processes and MEMS technology, Akustica acoustic system-on-chip solutions combine the functionality of microphones with microelectronics and software onto a single chip. Only Akustica’s CMOS MEMS microphones -- which were pioneered by Akustica co-founder and CTO Dr. Ken Gabriel during his tenure at Carnegie Mellon University -- enable single-chip solutions with arrays of transducers and integrated signal processing that disrupt both conventional microphone and speaker technologies. Smaller and more reliable than the current crop of electret condenser microphones (ECMs), silicon microphones can be customized with advanced sound capture features and noise reduction capabilities.

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