AlarmForce Industries Inc.

AlarmForce Industries Inc.

April 11, 2012 11:38 ET

AlarmForce Home Alarm and VideoRelay Helps Nab Burglars After Attempted Break-In at President Joel Matlin's House

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 11, 2012) - AlarmForce Industries Inc. (TSX:AF) -

Talk about picking the wrong house… three men have been arrested for multiple burglaries throughout the Greater Toronto Area, after unsuccessfully attempting to break into AlarmForce president Joel Matlin's home. The burglars have been charged with approximately 9 entries and attempts in Toronto and more charges are possible in the Greater Toronto Region.

On Sat. February 4th at 11:06PM a man approached Joel Matlin's house in Toronto, Ontario, while Mr. Matlin was on vacation. Mr. Matlin's house is equipped with an AlarmForce home alarm and AlarmForce VideoRelay, so as the man approached the front door, Mr. Matlin was sent an email with three pictures of the subject. The man then rang Mr. Matlin's doorbell, which sent a phone call to Mr. Matlin's cellular phone. Mr. Matlin did not have his phone on him; however he saw the missed VideoRelay call and the email a few minutes later. Mr. Matlin then logged into the VideoRelay app on his smart phone and checked the live video feed of his house and saw he was no longer there. However, since it was late at night and Mr. Matlin did not recognize the man, he called Toronto Police and asked if they could check on the house. He also sent the police the email containing the three pictures.

Mr. Matlin then called his step-son, Robbie, who was in town but away from the house to make him aware of the uninvited visitor. Robbie arrived back at the house at 3 am, and since all looked normal he went to sleep - only to be awoken at 4:31 am to the sound of the AlarmForce home alarm saying "phone line cut". He got out of bed to investigate and then he heard two men kick the front door in unison trying to break it down. Robbie turned on the home lights and yelled at the men, who quickly fled. In total there were 5 men around the house.

The entire event was recorded by the AlarmForce VideoRelay, and Mr. Matlin sent the video evidence to the Toronto Police. On April 10th Toronto Police arrested 3 men in connection with the attempted break-in at Mr. Matlin's house and they have been charged with 9 break and enters in the GTA. The video evidence was a crucial tool in identifying and apprehending the burglars.

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