Alberta Chamber of Resources

Alberta Chamber of Resources

February 08, 2013 10:00 ET

Alberta Chamber of Resources Celebrates the Orderly and Responsible Development of Alberta's Resources in Style

Annual Awards Banquet Honours and Rewards the Best of Alberta

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Feb. 8, 2013) - Celebrating 77 years of championing resource development in Alberta, members and guests of the Alberta Chamber of Resources tonight honoured outstanding personal, organizational, and environmental leadership and achievement across the resource industry at the ACR's Annual Awards Banquet.

Several honours and awards were handed out:

  • David Tuccaro, President and CEO of the Tuccaro Inc., Group of Companies, was named Resource Person of the Year by ACR President David Middleton. The award recognizes leaders who exemplify the best of Alberta, who stand apart as having furthered the orderly and responsible development of the province's resources in a particularly significant and lasting manner, and who serve as a model and inspiration so that others might work as hard and to such high standards of excellence as to help preserve the reputation and enable the full potential of Alberta's resource industry. Mr. Tuccaro is the 30th person to receive the prestigious award since it was created in 1977.
  • The Dean of the University of Alberta's Faculty of Engineering, Dr. David Lynch, and Dr. Jim Carter, Chair of the ACR Mining Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) awarded nine MIAC scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each to an equal number of accomplished U. of A. Mining Engineering students. They also awarded the Ian Muirhead Memorial Scholarship to Madelynne Hubbers, one of the top academic performers at the U. of A. School of Mining.
  • The Hon. Robin Campbell, Minister of Alberta Aboriginal Relations, handed the Aboriginal Rewarding Partnerships award to the 881 Business Incubation Centre of northeastern Alberta and its partners. The award recognizes excellence and innovation in cooperation and capacity building.
  • The Hon. Diana McQueen, Minister of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, handed out two awards: the Major Reclamation Award went to Shell Canada Energy and the Environmental Award to the Foothills Research Forum. With recipients selected by Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, the former award recognizes a long-term and successful corporate commitment to reclamation, and the latter a person or persons who have demonstrated sustained and stellar environmental stewardship.

The Alberta Chamber of Resources was established in 1936 as the Edmonton Chamber of Mines to support and promote the northern Canadian mining industry. The Awards Banquet emerged through the years from a combination of the annual general meeting and member dinner, and began to take its current shape around 1977 when the name change to the Alberta Chamber of Resources was effected. Nearly 700 people attended this year's formal-dress event at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton.

On behalf of nearly 200 members spread across the resource spectrum-from skills training to engineering consulting, from research and development to surveying, from timber to oil sands-through advocacy, committee work, and a variety of other initiatives, the ACR today supports the orderly and responsible development of Alberta's resource industry.


Aboriginal Rewarding Partnerships

881 Business Incubation Centre

The 881 Business Incubation Centre is a partnership of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation, The Business Link, ConocoPhillips Canada, Statoil Canada, and Alberta Human Services. Its work providing business services and networking, office space and equipment, administrative support, and training has had broad impacts fostering, sharing, and sustaining the prospects for business, independent entrepreneurship, employment, and prosperity within its geographic sphere of influence. The Centre is strategically located at Km 217 on Highway 881 between Lac La Biche and Fort McMurray. And, as the name of the award suggests, the Centre's ability to cultivate and maintain linkages and partnerships among a large number of organizations in the name of a common cause and outcome has been particularly impressive and holds a great deal of potential and promise for continued success in the years ahead.

Environmental Award

Foothills Restoration Forum

The Foothills Restoration Forum was established in 2007 as a multi-stakeholder working group dedicated to promoting research and information sharing focused on the conservation, stewardship, and restoration of native plant communities of southwestern Alberta. There are currently more than 140 members representing numerous stakeholder groups. In receiving the ACR Environmental Award, the Foothills Restoration Forum is chiefly recognized for its development of Recommended Principles and Guidelines for Minimizing Disturbance of Native Prairie from Wind Energy Development. With this guidance and other initiatives, the Foothills Restoration Forum has taken a critical and timely leadership role in engaging the wind power industry to proactively develop construction and reclamation best practices.

Major Reclamation Award

Shell Canada Energy

As the recipient of the Major Reclamation Award, Shell is recognized for the peatland well pad reclamation program that commenced in the fall and winter of 2007. The company's cultivation of and participation in research and academic partnerships and programs helped accumulate a wealth of valuable information that is being used to establish best management practices and enable criteria for well pad restoration in sensitive wetland and peatland ecosystems. The program is relatively new in the realm of boreal forest ecology and wellsite reclamation, and is not common practice yet. But the results so far-success reintroducing native species, for example, and better definition of the conditions required for their encroachment-are promising and already help serve as guidance for others.

Resource Person of the Year

David Tuccaro, President and CEO, Tuccaro Inc., Group of Companies

David Tuccaro was selected as Resource Person of the Year on the basis of the inspiring spirit and abiding impact of his two-and-a-half decades of unceasing and increasingly influential entrepreneurialism in northern Alberta, particularly as it has driven and supported the orderly and responsible development of Alberta's resources. Strongly augmenting this success, David has also been an especially effective and outspoken advocate and supporter of community, educational, and aboriginal development.

From the histories of David's path as a businessman and the ACR's as an organization comes a parallel that aptly represents the nature of his contribution. The formation of the ACR in 1936 embodied a fairly simple but geographically ambitious purpose: aid the establishment and growth of northern hard-rock mines by building an unmatched labour and material supply capability in the south-which stood to gain greatly in the attempt. David's voyage-even more full of risk and adventure given that he was essentially on his own-shares the recognition of an untapped opportunity, a sure-fire confidence in the power and potential of his own ability and effort, and a vision of a successful outcome and a better future: business and personal growth and shared prosperity.

In the late 1980s, David was appointed manager of the administration offices of the Mikisew Cree Tribal Council, one of the owners of Neegan Development Corporation Ltd. Neegan was a Fort McMurray-based, oil-sands focused heavy equipment construction company that, awaiting only David's leadership, had yet to rise to its full potential; indeed, it seems likely that, but for David, the company would have failed and, along with David's present-day peak workforce of about 400, been relegated to the pages of lost hopes and dreams. As it was, becoming its sole owner in 1992, David turned Neegan around to the extent that, within five years, two more resource industry service companies-Tuc's Contracting, a trucking business, and Neegan Technical Services, providing environmental engineering and laboratory services-stood alongside the original business. Other businesses and opportunities have followed; indeed, a prospective investment transaction recently valued David's businesses in excess of $100 million.

David is also an archetype for the new brand of leader who, through the fruits of his entrepreneurial and economic triumphs, is increasingly expected to contribute as well to the social health and fabric of local communities. He continues to support educational initiatives, has donated generously of funds and energy to the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, and actively aims to employ aboriginal people within his group of companies and help them develop a variety of career and life skills through ongoing training and other forms of support. As might be inferred from the record of accomplishment, David is also no stranger to other third-party accolades. He is, for example, the recipient of the Regional Aboriginal Recognition Award for Entrepreneur of the Year, the National Aboriginal Achievement Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Tribal Chiefs Institute of Edmonton. He was also one among the Financial Post's Top 40 Under 40 in 1998, was inducted into the Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame in 2012, is a past director of the ACR, and is the founding president of the Northeastern Aboriginal Business Association.

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