Alberta Energy Regulator

Alberta Energy Regulator

June 20, 2013 14:45 ET

Alberta Energy Regulator Responding to Calls Regarding Heavy Rains

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - June 20, 2013) - The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) is responding to calls about potential impacts that heavy rains and high river levels are having on energy developments.

"The AER has established a single 24-hour response line to ensure the effective and efficient response to emergencies and complaints related to the environment and energy operations," said Jim Ellis, CEO of the AER. "During this time of heavy rainfall and fast running, high river levels, we urge Albertans to make use of the response line. Let us know. We will follow up."

The toll-free energy and environmental 24-hour response line, 1-800-222-6514, is the primary point of contact for all of Alberta's energy- and environment-related emergencies and complaints, including events such as energy facility fires and oil or gas releases. Compliance officers who answer the 24-hour line are trained to assess the situation and will ensure that the appropriate agencies are contacted and emergency responders dispatched if necessary.

General inquiries or regulatory questions should be directed to 1-855-297-8311 or If you believe you or someone else is in immediate danger, dial 911.

During an incident, the AER works with the company, local authority, and other provincial agencies to coordinate efficient and effective response by all parties involved. The AER expects the responsible party to respond immediately and effectively to all energy incidents and to limit impacts to the public, property, and the environment. The AER will hold the responsible party accountable for the incident and its impacts.

The Alberta Energy Regulator ensures the safe, efficient, orderly, and environmentally responsible development of hydrocarbon resources over their entire life cycle. This includes allocating and conserving water resources, managing public lands, and protecting the environment while providing economic benefits for all Albertans.

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