Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES)

Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES)

April 30, 2013 11:00 ET

Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions invests $10M in water research

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - April 30, 2013) - Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES) is pleased to announce the selection of 18 research projects in support of safe, secure drinking water; healthy aquatic ecosystems; and reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy.

The projects selected for the Water Resource Sustainability Program will receive up to $1.5M each to a total investment of $10M in support of the Government of Alberta's "Water for Life" strategy.

"With a growing population and expanding economy, it is critical that Alberta has accurate, reliable and useful information and a suite of practical approaches for managing our water resources," said Eddy Isaacs, CEO of AI-EES. "These projects will provide the crucial information we need to support an actionable strategy for safe, secure and sustainable water for Albertans."

The 18 research projects range from understanding perceptions about water quality in rural Alberta to collaboration between local and international researchers who will work together to develop a monitoring scheme for arsenic in rural Alberta's well water to validating reclamation targets, design criteria and policy for sustainable wetland habitat.

Projects were considered based on the focus areas of:

  • Water Security, Risk and Vulnerability
  • Watershed Stewardship and Ecosystem Management
  • Increased Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity of Surface Water and Ground Water Use.

Applicants for the program included researchers from academic institutions, non-profit research establishments, private industry, and provincial and federal research centres. Applicable research programs required a strong Alberta connection, with preference given to those projects led by an Albertan researcher.


Alberta Innovates - Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES) is the lead agency for energy and environmental research in Alberta. It is a catalyst to promote the development of innovative, integrated ways to convert Alberta's natural resources into market-ready, environmentally responsible energy and the sustainable management of Alberta's water resources. AI-EES brings together decision makers from government, industry and the resource community, as well as research and technology organizations, to develop solutions for the biggest challenges facing Alberta's energy and environment sectors.


This list summarizes the selected projects. Full abstracts can be found at

  1. University of Alberta - Sustainable Wetland Habitat: Reclamation Targets, Design Criteria and Wetland Policy Implementation
  2. WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. - Water Reuse In Alberta: Case Studies and Policy Development to Support Continuing Economic Development
  3. University of Alberta - Investigation of the Speciation, Toxicity, and Fate of OSPW during Advanced Oxidation and Other Treatment Processes Towards Achieving Safe Release of Treated OSPW
  4. University of Alberta - Enhancing accessibility and use of Alberta's natural water recreation areas through prevention of swimmer's itch transmission
  5. University of Calgary - Perceptions of water quality among rural Albertans and association with livestock
  6. University of Alberta - Predicting Alberta's Water Future
  7. University of Alberta - Resolving natural and anthropogenic influences to groundwater and surface water environments in the Lower Athabasca region, including their biological significance
  8. University of Lethbridge - Functional Flows: A Practical Strategy for Healthy Rivers
  9. WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. - Climate Vulnerability and Sustainable Water Management in the SSRB
  10. University of Regina / University of Lethbridge - Sustainable urban water management in the context of climate variability and change
  11. Alberta Irrigation Projects Association - Redevelopment and enhancement of the Irrigation Demand Model as a tool for basin water management
  12. University of Alberta - Assessing the ecological impacts of water extraction on stream hydrology and Alberta's fish community structure and function
  13. University of Alberta - Towards Integrated Source Water Management in Alberta
  14. University of Alberta - Advanced approaches to dealing with water disinfection by-products
  15. University of Alberta - Arsenic in Rural Alberta's Ground Water
  16. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada - Investigation of the occurrence of pesticides in groundwater of Southern Alberta
  17. University of Calgary - Quantifying groundwater recharge for sustainable water resource management
  18. University of Calgary - Baseline Isotope Geochemistry of Alberta Groundwater

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