Alberta Medical Association

Alberta Medical Association

September 19, 2005 17:23 ET

Alberta Medical Association: 100 Albertans Honored as 'Physicians of the Century'

CALGARY, ALBERTA AND EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - Sept. 19, 2005) - One hundred physicians have been chosen as Alberta's "Physicians of the Century" for their contributions to Alberta's people and communities over the past 100 years. These awards are part of the centennial of organized medicine in Alberta, celebrating the founding of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta and the Alberta Medical Association.

These 100 physicians represent the vast achievements and accomplishments of all physicians over the past 10 decades. "These physicians have not only contributed to the advancement of medicine over the past 100 years, they have also contributed greatly to the fabric of Alberta," said Dr. Clayne A. Steed, Chair of the Physicians of the Century Selection Panel. "They are dedicated physicians as well as town councillors, entrepreneurs, teachers and volunteers."

Physicians are being recognized for their contributions in health care as well as in the areas of business, community involvement, arts and culture, sports and leisure, academia and government. Physicians, health professionals and the general public were encouraged to submit nominations, resulting in over 400 physicians being nominated. A selection panel consisting of 14 representatives from the profession and the community was tasked with choosing the final 100 physicians.

The illustrious list of 100 includes: Dr. Robert G. Brett, Alberta's second Lieutenant Governor; Dr. Harry Goodsir Mackid who was the first Albertan elected as president of the Canadian Medical Association in 1911; Dr. John C. Callaghan who performed Canada's first successful open heart surgery; Dr. Kabirudeen Jivraj who is involved with the Ismaili community and the Aga Khan Foundation; and Dr. Elizabeth A. Flagler who developed maternity care protocols and was greatly involved in the field of medical ethics.

"These men and women are representative of the many accomplishments and achievements of Alberta's doctors over the past 100 years," stated Dr. David W. Bond, Chair of the Centennial Celebrations Steering Committee. "These awards are an opportunity to reflect on the many physicians who have played a significant role in our history as well as our future."

In 1905, there were fewer than 300 physicians practising in Alberta, covering a vast territory and remote populations. Today, there are over 7,000 physicians providing care to over three million Albertans.

Award ceremonies for the Physicians of the Century will be held October 20 in Calgary and October 25 in Edmonton. A list of the 100 Physicians of the Century is attached. For more detailed information visit

Selection Committee names 100 Physicians of the Century

Aaron, Dr. Theodore H., Edmonton
Akabutu, Dr. John J., Edmonton
Alexander, Dr. Laurence G., Calgary
Allard, Dr. Charles A., Edmonton
Anderson (Drs. Andrew, Walter & William), Edmonton
Archer, Dr. Albert E., Lamont
Aronyk, Dr. Keith E., Edmonton
Aung, Dr. Steven K., Edmonton
Baker, Dr. Albert H., Drumheller
Boorman, Dr. Michael G., Rimbey
Bow, Dr. Malcolm R., Edmonton
Bowen, Dr. Peter A., Edmonton
Bradley, Dr. John E., Edmonton
Braithwaite, Dr. Ernest A., Edmonton
Brett, Dr. Robert G., Banff
Brown, Dr. Gordon D., Edmonton
Brown, Dr. Josephine M., Athabasca
Brown, Dr. Leigh B., Edmonton/Fort McMurray
Buchanan, Dr. Donald I., Edmonton
Burns, Dr. Patricia E., Edmonton
Callaghan, Dr. John C., Edmonton
Clarke, Dr. Margaret E., Calgary
Cochrane, Dr. William A., Calgary
Collins-Nakai, Dr. Ruth L., Edmonton
Collip, Dr. James B., Edmonton
Cross, Dr. Wallace W., Youngstown
Decosse (Drs. Joseph & Roland), St. Paul
Dossetor, Dr. John B., Edmonton
Dundas, Dr. J. Brock, Calgary
Edwards, Dr. Allan M. "Buzz," Edmonton
Enta, Dr. Tom, Calgary
Fanning, Dr. E. Anne, Edmonton
Fields, Dr. Tony L., Edmonton
Fish, Dr. Harvey W., McLennan
Flagler, Dr. Elizabeth A., Calgary
Fong, Dr. Amy, Edmonton
Francescutti, Dr. Louis H., Edmonton
Fraser, Dr. Robert S., Edmonton
Gauk, Dr. Ehor W., Edmonton
Gimbel, Dr. Howard V., Calgary
Grisdale, Dr. Lloyd C., Edmonton
Guenter, Dr. Clarence A., Calgary
Halloran, Dr. Philip F., Edmonton
Hatfield (Drs. Bruce & Robert), Calgary
Hepburn, Dr. Howard H., Edmonton
Higgins, Dr. Gerald L., Edmonton
Huston, Dr. Helen I., Innisfail
Jackson, Dr. Mary Percy, Keg River
Jivraj, Dr. Kabirudeen, Calgary
Johnson, Dr. Ernest A., Calgary
Johnson, Dr. Leavert E., Wetaskiwin
Lakhani, Dr. Zaheerali M., Edmonton
Lampard, Dr. Robert J., Red Deer
Lander, Dr. David, Turner Valley
Lidkea, Dr. Marlene R., St. Albert
Lowry, Dr. R. Brian, Calgary
MacDonald, Dr. R. Neil, Edmonton
MacKenzie, Dr. Walter C., Edmonton
Mackid, Dr. Harry Goodsir, Calgary
McEachern, Dr. John S., Calgary
McEwen, Dr. Howard, Calgary
McGuffin, Dr. William H., Calgary
McLeod, Dr. Lionel E., Edmonton
McPherson, Dr. T. Alexander, Edmonton
Mewburn, Dr. Frank H., Lethbridge
Might, Dr. Clara Christie, Calgary
Miller, Dr. David P., Beaverlodge
Miller, Dr. Frederick G., Elk Point
Mousseau, Dr. Louis P., Edmonton
Nelson, Dr. Jean C., Edmonton
Nicholson, Dr. Allan J.B., Fort McMurray
Noseworthy, Dr. Thomas W., Calgary
Ohlhauser, Dr. Larry R., Edmonton
Orr, Dr. Harold, Medicine Hat
Pabst, Dr. Henry F., Edmonton
Parsons (Drs. Richard, MacGregor & William), Red Deer
Powell, Dr. D. Gregory, Calgary
Reid, Dr. David C., Edmonton
Robertson, Dr. Charlene M.T., Edmonton
Rose, Dr. Patrick B., Edmonton
Ross, Dr. J. Donovan, Edmonton
Sauve, Dr. Reginald S., Calgary
Savage, Dr. Ella Margaret Strang, Cold Lake
Scarlett, Dr. Earle Parkhill, Calgary
Schaefer, Dr. Otto, Edmonton/Northern Canada
Scott, Dr. John W., Edmonton
Shapiro, Dr. A.M. James, Edmonton
Snell, Dr. Bernard, Edmonton
Somerville, Dr. A. "Sandy," High River
Sood, Dr. Brijendra, Calgary
Spence, Dr. Matthew W., Edmonton
Sproule, Dr. Brian J., Edmonton
Tarrant, Dr. Michael, Calgary
Taylor, Dr. Charles W., Calgary
Townsend, Dr. R. Gordon, Calgary
Tyrrell, Dr. D. Lorne, Edmonton
Watanabe, Dr. Mamoru "Mo," Calgary
Whiteside, Dr. W. Carleton, Edmonton
Wilson, Dr. Donald R., Edmonton
Zetter, Dr. Gerald R., Edmonton

Contact Information

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    College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
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