October 18, 2005 12:26 ET

Alberta Wide Under Funded Daycare Homes and Elderly Centers Set to Receive a Boost from The Non Profit Computer Donation and Recycling Organization, Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta.


The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA), thanks to help from many local companies such as Imperial Oil, Allstream, The Brick, Esprit Energy, Calgary Herald and many more, is offering to provide computers at no charge to Alberta wide daycare homes and elderly institutions.

Computers are very valuable learning tools and unfortunately some people are not fortunate enough to have access to them. It is ERA's goal to ensure that every Albertan can access a computer for learning and communication.

Local companies have been donating their computers to the ERA for the past 3 years and the ERA has been able to provide several thousand working computers back into the community. Many local non profit groups and charities have received refurbished computers. Organizations such as the Red Cross, Calgary Drop in Center, Edmonton's Boyle Street Coop, Bissel Center and many more.

ERA wishes to ensure every daycare and elderly establishment across the province has at a minimum a public access library with 5 computers minimum for community use. ERA is offering all under funded daycare and elderly homes an opportunity to provide their patrons with computers. The many donors that have contributed their old computers see the benefit of ERA's programs here in Alberta and across the world.

Bill Bonko, MLA for Edmonton Decore said: "I think the efforts by the Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta are to be commended. Keeping waste out of the landfills and allowing for 30 percent of the "used" computers to be put back into the community is on track and allows Alberta to remain a leader in recycling initiatives. The work that your association does is truly an act to follow. From one passionate recycler to another, keep up the excellent work."

Deepak Obhrai, MP for Calgary East said: "In a country and province where we so quickly change and upgrade our computer systems, the Electronic Recycling Association is meeting a growing need. Not only are you focused on reducing the amount of waste in our landfills, you have also found a way to impact both charitable donations and developing countries. I commend your innovative approach and thank you for your contribution to our country and to future generations."

The ERA is a non profit organization that collects old computers from companies, government departments and individuals, and puts them back into community. Any non reusable computers are recycled using certified recyclers that follow the highest environmental standards. Companies and individuals interested in donating computers can visit www.era.ca or call the Calgary or Edmonton offices. (403) 262 4488, or (780) 455 2088

Contact Information

  • Electronic Recycling Association
    Bojan Paduh
    (780) 455-2088
    Website: www.era.ca