SOURCE: Novus Medical Detox Center

July 11, 2007 07:00 ET

Alcohol or Drug Detox for Parents May Help Reverse Abuse Trends

Rising Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics Don't Exclude Adults

TAMPA, FL--(Marketwire - July 11, 2007) - Recent news stories about Al Gore III have highlighted prescription drug abuse statistics among college-aged young adults, and have suggested that parents put a lock on their medicine cabinets. What is not being addressed is the problem of alcohol and drug abuse by the parents, and the influence it has on children. Getting parents into a successful alcohol and drug detox program may be more effective than locks.

Several studies have verified the profound influence parents have on their children. One such study, conducted at Dartmouth Medical School, observed 120 children aged 2 to 6 in a structured play environment. The children were asked to play various games, one of which was 'shopping.' Their store was stocked with fruit and vegetables, meat, snacks, various non-alcoholic drinks like juices and soda, and cigarettes, beer and wine. When filling their shopping carts, sixty percent of the children included alcohol.

Correlating the habits and lifestyles of the parents with the choices the children made, the study found that the children of parents who drank at least monthly were three times more likely to choose alcohol than children of abstainers. The study concluded that parents who do not want their children to indulge in bad habits should start by setting a good example. And, for some parents, that might mean alcohol or drug detox.

Although there are no figures available on how many parents are teaching their kids to just say no, it's clear from the alcohol and prescription drug abuse statistics among adults that not enough parents are following their own advice. Current estimates show that 30 percent of Americans drink enough alcohol to warrant alcohol detox, and admissions into emergency rooms and drug detox programs for problems with prescription drugs are climbing. Prescription drug abuse in some areas outweighs the problem with street drugs.

Telling kids that it's bad for you is not enough. Parents who want to make a statement about the dangers of drugs and alcohol might find that statement has more credibility if they recognize they have a problem and get themselves through a successful alcohol or drug detox program so they can be the role model children obviously need.

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