December 01, 2010 10:00 ET

Aldon Agile Manager Unveiled With Community-Built Emphasis

Free Agile Project Management Application Gets Teams In-Synch, Gets Business Into Agile

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - December 1, 2010) - Aldon, the ALM company for IT Compliance, today unveiled Aldon Agile Manager™, a new, free agile project management application built to help IT departments radically improve the management of agile projects with better planning, prioritizing, and collaboration. The browser-based product allows teams to see immediate productivity gains by automating many of the manual processes that can often occur with agile development, starting with backlog management.

Aldon Agile Manager is unique in that it's the market's first community-built agile project management application truly taking the "designed by you, built for you" approach, making the backlog completely open to its users.

Drawing on over two decades of experience helping customers manage application development, Aldon Agile Manager marks the expansion of Aldon's total Agile ALM solution focused on helping companies bring agile into their business, quickly and easily, whether they are going all in, starting small, or taking a hybrid approach.

Available now as a free download at, Aldon Agile Manager users will continue to have a direct impact on future product units through continuous feedback and active participation in the Aldon agileBuzz community. The agileBuzz is an online community forum where users will actually have access to the Aldon Agile Manager 'backlog,' where they can submit feature requests as well as vote on others. They will have immediate opportunity to shape and impact the next release. AgileBuzz also serves as a resource and forum on all things agile. 

For the first release of Aldon Agile Manager, the focus is on total backlog and release management. Aldon Agile Manager allows users to easily manage and prioritize stories in a backlog, plan releases and sprints, and keep track of the numerous development tasks and/or stories associated with a particular project. Whether teams are using Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, Lean or hybrid agile methodologies, Aldon Agile Manager will manage it all under one umbrella. 

Aldon Agile Manager is also role-based and designed to mirror how users work on a daily basis -- whether Product Owner, developer, or team member -- and its intuitive interface enables teams to quickly view, adjust, and reprioritize stories, supporting total team collaboration. IT shops should expect an immediate boost on productivity and improved project management. 

"Our goal was to give the market an easy-to-use, cool app that supports any stage of agile a company might be in -- or whatever methodology they may or may not be using," said Matt Scholl, CEO and President, Aldon. "We've done that. Aldon Agile Manager is flexible. It's customizable. It's easy to use. It evolves and adjusts as an organization's agile needs evolve and adjust."

The first release of Aldon Agile Manager includes the following features:

  • Product & Release Backlog Management: Backlog screens represent the high level status of either the product or release backlog, where users prioritize, view, rank, submit feature requests, enhancement requests, and bug fixes.

    • Inline editing: Quick editing of specific items in the backlog allows users to make fast changes without going to a separate screen to perform edit functions.

    • Dynamic sorting: View backlog in a way that makes sense to the user. Sort and re-sort the backlog so the highest priority stories are on top, or the most current release is displayed first.

    • Mass edit or delete: Easily update the backlog by performing mass edits or deletes to multiple stories at once.

    • Detailed view of stories: View, add, or modify the details of each story -- status, process status, product, release, story type, title, priority, description, category, and points. The release planning screen gives users ability to easily create multiple releases from their product backlog through selecting and moving stories from the backlog to the release.

  • Simultaneous Multiple Release Planning: Users can create releases from the product backlog and move stories to the designated release. Users can plan multiple releases in advance.

    • Easy story assignment: Users can move stories between releases or back into the backlog with a click of the mouse.

Aldon Agile Manager is available immediately. For more information on Aldon, visit

About Aldon
Aldon is an agile company that bridges the gap between business and IT. We provide you with the ability to easily view and run reports on backlogs, statuses, and project priorities that are essential to Agile. Aldon automates the workflow so that backlog items, task assignments and approval requests are routed to the right people and requirements are checked off. Aldon solutions gives you all the visibility and information you need to make decisions about deploying resources and assessing the return on your IT projects, keeping business users and IT tighter than ever before. We allow you to see the backlog and what everyone is doing, at any level within any roles, at any time. For years, our solutions have allowed customers to ensure that change management, collaboration, and compliance are applied consistently across all areas of IT. We help provide superior services, build business-critical applications faster, effectively manage worldwide IT operations, and better address the growing challenges with compliance, outsourcing, and globalization. We have more than 1,300 companies of every size, in every industry, throughout the world using our products -- from service desk to application development to network operations.

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