May 20, 2008 09:00 ET

Aldon® Delivers Powerful CMDB for Enhanced IT Service Management and Compliance

The Aldon® CMDB™ Provides Complete View of All Assets Across IT and Change Impact Analysis for Business

EMERYVILLE, CA--(Marketwire - May 20, 2008) - Aldon®, the leading provider of process-driven application lifecycle management, today announced Aldon® CMDB™ -- the company's fully ITIL-compatible configuration management database that provides instant visibility of IT assets and the ongoing changes occurring across IT operations. The newest addition to the Aldon application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, Aldon CMDB supports Aldon's goal to deliver continuous improvement and process management across every facet of IT for business success.

Aldon CMDB is core to any IT Service Management (ITSM) function and is critical to services and application lifecycle management in general, enabling organizations to visualize the dependencies of IT assets, baseline configurations, audit ongoing change, and integrate core IT operational processes. Strict adherence to processes and a comprehensive view across a sprawling IT infrastructure have never been more essential for organizations to both survive and grow.

In its October 2007 report titled "IT Service View: CMDB Vendor Landscape, 2007," Gartner states that before implementing a CMDB, "Organizations should have critical processes (for example, configuration and change) established, and appropriate stakeholders working together to determine the appropriate data that should be in the CMDB to represent the business services." By offering tight integration with the Aldon application lifecycle management solutions, Aldon streamlines and unifies regulatory compliance and best practices by integrating IT services management, asset management, and software change management across the services and application lifecycle.

Aldon CMDB

Aldon CMDB provides a single comprehensive view of all of the components that make up the IT infrastructure at any given time. Dynamic visualization of Configuration Item (CI) relationships provides analysis of the impact a change or service interruption would have on other CIs and services, and ultimately, on the business.

Aldon CMDB offers organizations a clear view of all data and all interdependencies, with automated reports on what will happen to the business if any configuration changes. Aldon CMDB integrates and automatically imports data from leading third party discovery tools to instantly locate applications, servers, and network devices, ensuring visibility and insight into the IT infrastructure, helping to map CIs' logical dependencies, and auditing ongoing change. When it comes to security auditing, change management, process re-engineering, and compliance, Aldon CMDB is crucial to an organization's operational, IT, and business success.

Aldon CMDB provides the following capabilities:

   -- Unified view of all IT assets through a federated database:
      Aldon CMDB provides an intuitive, visual impact analysis of any
      changes to the IT infrastructure across multiple applications and
      databases enterprise-wide. Aldon CMDB ensures ease of access and
      timeliness of asset inventory information.

   -- Dependency mapping across assets, issues, and tasks:
      Aldon CMDB delivers superior visibility into the IT infrastructure
      and ongoing operations by mapping CIs, IT projects, and their
      dependencies, greatly simplifying reporting, auditing, and change

   -- Change management:
      Understanding the changes in the IT environment is imperative to keep
      IT services robust. Aldon CMDB tracks hardware and software change,
      alerts IT staff of unauthorized changes or access, and performs a
      host of additional system management activities.

   -- Compliance auditing and enforcement of approved configurations:
      Meaningful reports are imperative for regulatory compliance,
      planning, and asset optimization. Aldon CMDB offers pre-defined,
      customizable reports that give users welcome flexibility and control.

   -- Robust, scalable architecture:
      Aldon CMDB supports a vast array of assets, configuration items, and
      users, while allowing immediate access to information.

   -- Complete integration with entire services and application lifecycle
      management processes:
      Aldon CMDB is tightly integrated with Aldon ALM solutions to
      streamline and unify regulatory compliance and best practices by
      integrating IT services management, asset management, and software
      change management across the services and application lifecycle.

"As businesses and their IT organizations grow, we see proper visualization and management of IT's infrastructure and operations as critical for business success," said Aldon CEO Matt Scholl. "Aldon CMDB delivers superior IT asset management, compliance controls, and ongoing change management, greatly enhancing IT's overall ability to provide superior services and application lifecycle management."

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Aldon® Suite

Aldon® ALM solutions provide IT business process automation, IT services and requirements management, software configuration and change management, and distribution and release management to companies worldwide. Built to address complex multi-platform environments as well as the needs of regulated, geographically distributed IT organizations, the Aldon® Suite gives companies a defined, repeatable, measurable, and traceable process for every stage of services delivery and application development. The integrated suite is comprised of Aldon® Lifecycle Manager™, Aldon® Deployment Manager™, Aldon® Community Manager™, and Aldon® CMDB™.

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Aldon® is the leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, bringing the benefits of process-driven change management to IT and accelerating the delivery of IT services and mission-critical business applications. Aldon ALM solutions support today's agile organizations by enabling IT teams to greatly improve their products' time to market, reduce business disruptions, achieve regulatory compliance, and increase return on investment. More than 1,300 companies, including 70 of the Fortune 100, rely on Aldon ALM solutions for managing the entire process of IT services delivery and enterprise software change management. Established in 1979, Aldon is headquartered in Emeryville, California and maintains 16 offices worldwide serving more than 50 countries. For more information, please visit

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