Alexander Gaming Commission

March 21, 2007 12:14 ET

Alexander Gaming Commission Reports that The Alexander Chief and Council Defends Its Inherent Right to Build and Operate a Data Center

And Delivers Strong Rebuttal To Alberta Government and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission's Attack 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art Data Center builds Independence - offers employment and training to Alexander First Nation Community

ALEXANDER FIRST NATION, NORTH AMERICA--(CCNMatthews - March 21, 2007) - The Alexander Gaming Commission (AGC) today released a strong rebuttal to the Alberta Government and Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission's cease and desist operations attack on the Alexander First Nation's information technology business initiative, Alexander Internet Technologies (AIT). Alexander Internet Technologies has built a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art Data Center, offering services to companies of all size who rely on their IT infrastructure to provide their data when and where they need it, securely and reliably. Businesses, including Oil & Gas, Media & Film, Imaging, and Online Gaming, and other First Nations Communities and Businesses. Businesses requiring reliable, dependable, high quality co-location hosting facilities depend on the Alexander Internet Technologies team and infrastructure to run their computing infrastructure in a cost-effective manner. Alexander Internet Technologies has been licenced by the Alexander Gaming Commission as an internet service provider and data centre to offer hosting services to AGC-licenced online gaming businesses.

The people of the Alexander First Nation are now and have always been sovereign Native peoples.

- Chief Ray Arcand and Council of Alexander First Nation have consistently and historically exercised ultimate and exclusive jurisdiction over the territory of the Alexander First Nation.

- The Alexander First Nation has existing, inherent and inalienable rights which includes the right of self-determination; the right to control economic development within the Alexander First Nation territory; and the right to promote and preserve peace, order and good government within its territory.

- The Alexander First Nation entered into a treaty with Canada in 1876, and has had ongoing governmental relationships with Canada since then. This predates Alberta's 1905 entry into Canada by 29 years.

- As gaming and gaming related activities have a significant impact on economic development and peace, order and good government within its territory, the Alexander First Nation has the ultimate and exclusive right and jurisdiction to regulate gaming and gaming related activities within the Alexander First Nation territory.

- The Alexander First Nation has a deep and long running history of initiating, participating in and regulating gaming activities, which are integral to the culture of the Community.

- Alexander First Nation's rights as a sovereign nation are protected under Section 35 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Province of Alberta does not have any jurisdictional authority to govern the Alexander First Nation.

Chief and Council of the Alexander First Nation, as the governing body in and for its territory, has the power and authority to enact the Alexander First Nation Gaming Law pursuant to which it created the Alexander Gaming Commission, setting guidelines for operation of online Gaming Commission. Alexander Internet Technologies announces it has been granted an Internet Service Provider and Data Centre Licence, under the Alexander Gaming Commission Regulations.

We are proud to announce that,

- Alexander Gaming Commission drafted Regulations that are considered world-leading in their approach to fair, open and honest gaming, offering protection to minors and vulnerable persons. The Regulations are designed to ensure that all interactive gaming and gaming related activities conducted within or from the Alexander First Nation satisfies three basic principles: only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate; games offered are fair to the player; and, winners are paid.

- Alexander Gaming Commission Regulations are responsible regulations, and the Jurisdiction of Alexander First Nation has been recognized internationally as a responsible jurisdiction.

- Alexander Gaming Commission Regulations support legal online gaming, granting licences only to those companies abiding by Canadian and United States laws, so that no Canadian or American residents may participate in for-money games on the licenced sites. This prohibition precludes Alberta residents from participating in any for-money games on Alexander Gaming Commission licenced sites.

- Through the completion of the first of four phases of a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art data center, there has been incremental employment of 60 construction workers, and the Data Center currently employs 8 members of the Alexander First Nation. Employment over the course of the coming year is expected to reach 40 persons, both native and non-native.

- Alexander Internet Technologies is and will be a primary source of employment and training to the Alexander First Nation community.

- As additional phases of the Data Center are constructed, the anticipated total employment, both Native and non-Native, is expected to reach 100 jobs; many positions are expected to be filled through internal promotion as a result of comprehensive mentoring, apprenticeship, and on-the-job training and development programs aimed at teaching transferable, high value technology skills to the Native community to encourage self-sufficiency.

"Make no mistake - we believe very strongly in the importance of building a responsible regulatory environment for offering safe online gaming, and are proud of the opportunities it presents for our clients. At a time when citizens of the world are looking to Governments to regulate the industry, we've helped move online gaming forward in terms of protection of children and the vulnerable, ensuring that only suitable persons and entities are permitted to operate within Alexander, that the games offered are fair to the player, and that winners are paid," said Chief Ray Arcand.

"If in the unfortunate event this matter does end up in court, Alexander Chief and Council will fight vigorously to defend the Alexander Gaming Commission and Alexander Internet Technologies and ensure they remain able to offer services to their clients who rely on the Regulatory Environment and hosting data center as a secure, reliable, highly available hosted computing operation."

Last month Alexander First Nation Chief and Council received a letter from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, requesting that the Alexander First Nation "immediately cease and desist any and all activities relating in any way to the issuing of gaming licences or the regulation of internet gaming..." In a response, Chief Arcand challenged the cease and desist request, noting that Alexander First Nation is a Sovereign Nation, responsible for regulating its own territory, as protected under Section 35(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"We have cooperated fully and have sought to meet with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission's and the Government of Alberta, but our requests have been refused or ignored. The Government of Alberta desires to ignore our Sovereignty and our right to regulate Online Gaming transacted within our Territory, along with all of the positives of our developing economic independence, and has chosen to launch this attack," said Chief Arcand.

"The Alexander Gaming Commission has been a pioneer in creating forward-thinking Online Gaming Regulations, which have provided the opportunity for reputable online gaming companies to become licenced to offer a safe gaming environment for customers," said Chief Arcand. "Alexander Gaming Commission has worked with experts in the field, to give law-abiding consumers assurances as to their ability to participate in recreational activities, secure in the knowledge that they are enjoying the protection of a well-regulated environment.

In related news, the Canadian Press reported that Solicitor General Fred Lindsay has "become aware that the Mohawks, who run illegal gambling operations in Quebec, have been advising the Alexander First Nation." Alexander First Nation is certainly aware of Kahnawake's significant achievements in the online gaming industry but there has been no collaboration between the two communities.

About Alexander Gaming Commission

The Alexander Gaming Commission regulates and controls gaming activities conducted within and from the Alexander First Nation under the highest principles of honesty and integrity. For more information see

About Alexander First Nation

Alexander First Nation, party to Treaty No. 6 with the Government of Canada signed in 1876, is located 20 minutes from downtown Edmonton. Covering 7280 hectares, with a population of 1,550 registered members, Alexander First Nation is a member of the First Nations of Alberta. For more information see

About Alexander Internet Technologies ("AIT")

The Alexander First Nation is home to AIT's world-class data centre and co-location server facility. Located 20 minutes from downtown Edmonton, AIT offers the advantages of doing business in a major North American metropolitan market, in collaboration with a stable and progressive native community and its government - the Chief and Council of Alexander First Nation. AIT has direct access to the extensive transportation and telecommunications services of the Edmonton, Alberta region - AIT thrives as the location where "i-space" meets "ibusiness-space" in a carrier neutral environment. For more information see or email

BACKGROUNDER: Alexander Internet Technologies Co-Location Data Center

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Leaders in Grid Computing(1) and High Density Computing(2) Secure Facilities

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From handling peak computing project resource needs to ongoing IT hardware and network infrastructure hosted outsourcing, Alexander Internet Technologies offers customized solutions to help online business keep end users happy in their processing, as computer operations are secure, cool, and humming.

The Alexander First Nation is home to Alexander Internet Technologies' 25,000 square foot world-class co-location server park, located just 30 minutes from downtown Edmonton.

- Scalable

- Always Available

- State-of-the-Art Technology Offering the Best in Performance and Redundancy

- Managed Services & Managed Security to Keep Companies at Peak Performance - including on-site technical specialists to support your remote operation

AIT Hosting Services ensure continuous availability, optimal routing, and secure delivery of data and information. With deep experience working with data management requirements for Native communities, and for corporations large and small, particularly in the Oil & Gas, Online Gaming, Media & Film, and Imaging markets, our experts are ready to help your team optimize their information technology resources.

Basic Support

- Reboot

- Server configuration and installation

- OS Install and network connection

- Windows / Linux basic support

- DNS mapping

Specific services/capabilities include

- Provisioning of server rack space and internet access at a specific committed information rate (CIR) requested by the client, with additional burstable/on-demand capacity if required

- Alternative connectivity/billing models based upon the quantity of data transmitted / received, versus a specific dedicated bandwidth.

- Provision of web and file hosting services via our own dedicated infrastructure

- Provision of streaming media services at multiple data rates for either on-demand or broadcast connections and discussion or news group hosting.

- Configuration optimization services including performance testing, multi-level security inspection, change management, content management, and results measurement services

- Hot site Backup and Restoration including Dynamic Fail-Over options

- Global Load Balancing

Additional Consulting Services to help improve your ability to manage, maintain, monitor and capitalize upon co-location access including

- Firewall, VPN, VoIP Telephony

- Servers and software integration

- Web development & e-business middleware

- Business development advisory services ranging from security to load balancing in a turnkey solution manner.

Managed Services - focus your efforts on your business - not the management of IT infrastructure. AIT solutions are cost effective and manageable through a predictive cost plan.

- Fast, Reliable, Scalable Secure Convenient

Managed Services Available Include

- Security Audit & Intrusion Detection

- Firewall services (install & monitor)

- Web hosting & streaming

- Managed Mail services

- Disaster recovery

- Data mirroring

- Offsite tape backup

- Server Monitoring

- Load-Balancing

- Hardware Planning & Provisioning

- ePayments Management

- Consulting Services

What Others are Saying About the Alexander Gaming Commission

Alexander Gaming Commission is a Reputable Gaming Commission:

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What surprised us the most about this case was that player's who contacted us were actually opening real money gambling accounts with this online casino in the first place. After paying a visit to their website, we found that there were no reputable licenses or accreditations, verified payout percentages or software fairness certifications, and no information about the owner and operator of the site itself. We thought to ourselves, "How could anybody put their trust in playing at a site like this?"

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If you are new to the world of online gambling, remember to thoroughly research the site you are thinking about depositing real money with. This should, at a minimum, include a verification that online casinos are legally licensed and regulated by a reputable gaming commission - such as Gibraltar, Antigua and Barbuda, Isle of Man, Alderney, Kahnawake and Alexander Gaming Commission (our emphasis) - uses certified software meeting minimum fairness standards, offers reputable deposit/withdrawal methods and that management personnel can be contacted through more than one avenue.

(1) Grid computing - the science of using the resources of many separate computers connected by a network to solve large-scale computation problems. Grids provide the ability to perform computations on large data sets, by breaking them down into many smaller ones, or provide the ability to perform many more computations at once than would be possible on a single computer, by modeling a parallel division of labour between processes.

(2) High Density computing - 1U dual processors and 4U quad-processor blade servers can now be installed together in rack-mounted enclosures, interconnected, and easily managed, allowing for far more CPUs per cubic foot of space. This computing power comes at a cost - tremendous amounts of power and heat to be managed, and with a benefit - lowering operating costs per CPU by reducing management expense and floor space requirements.

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