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August 23, 2011 08:30 ET

Alice Peck Day Health Systems Places Patient Needs First With Adoption of Uptime Assurance Software

Hospital Invests in Stratus' Avance Software to Maintain Uptime of Electronic Medical Records

MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 23, 2011) - In a world moving quickly towards electronic medical records (EMR), hospitals, clinics and providers require 24/7 information access to properly care for patients. Care delivery and safety come down not only to the attending physician but to the IT infrastructure that is in place. Alice Peck Day Health Systems (APD), a community-centered hospital in Lebanon, New Hampshire, recognized the importance of continuous application uptime to ensure that patient records would be accessible at all times, which is why they selected Stratus® Avance® high-availability software, running on standard x86 servers, to provide uptime assurance.

APD currently serves twenty communities in two states, offering primary care, independent and assisted living, and specialty services from rehabilitative care to neurosurgery. As the IT staff began evaluating and testing a new ambulatory EMR software suite from Greenway Medical Technologies, they realized protection against downtime and the ability to function in the event of disaster would be critical.

"Avance provides us with the peace of mind in knowing that our IT applications will operate uninterrupted, with no data loss, which plays an important role providing our patients with the best possible care," said Lorraine Nichols, APD director of information services. "We selected Avance because it is simple to use, easy to manage, provides for disaster recovery, and gives us the benefits of virtualization all in one cost-effective product."

Avance software runs on industry-standard Windows and Linux servers to prevent unpredictable system downtime. Avance-based systems are simple for SMBs to deploy, providing immediate uptime assurance for critical business applications that must be continuously available. Unlike high-availability clustering solutions, Stratus' software handles hardware, network, and host software faults transparently, without need for operator intervention. Virtualization technology is embedded into the product. Avance fits seamlessly into existing IT infrastructures, does not require external shared storage, and is priced for SMB budgets.

"For hospitals and healthcare organizations, IT uptime assurance is absolutely critical, because it can be the difference between life and death for patients," said Roy Sanford, chief marketing officer at Stratus Technologies. "APD understands that continuous availability and access to EMRs is vital to ensure quality patient care. Avance software delivers that assurance and a good deal more."

With the ambulatory EMR system set to be fully operational by the end of 2011, APD is already targeting and planning for future high-availability computing services.

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