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Align matters, GPS for Legal

February 11, 2015 07:00 ET

Align Matters Launches First Planning Cloud for Legal, Turns Lawyers Into Business Leaders

The 'GPS for Legal' Predicts Matter Timelines, Cost and Risk,

Prevents Massive Budget Overruns

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - February 11, 2015) - Align Matters, the first company to deliver business-driven legal management, today announced Align. Align is an easy to use dashboard that automatically plans, budgets and analyzes risk from the department level down to individual legal matters. Built on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud, it continuously captures, tracks and analyzes matter metrics to help you align resources with client business objectives. Armed with accurate data, lawyers can rein in runaway budgets and recoup precious time to focus on advising the business. This powerful combination gives lawyers the insight they need to be better business leaders.

"Align helps lawyers juggle many cases simultaneously to spot issues early and avoid unwelcome surprises. I wish it had been in existence when I served as general counsel of Oracle Corporation," said Raymond L. Ocampo Jr. "I believe it will be the standard for managing any legal project and legal department."

A GPS for Legal
Align maps out a matter start to finish and instantly predicts and displays the timeline, budget and options available to balance cost and risk. Like a GPS it's simple to use, remembers your preferences and learns from every matter you manage. It integrates the knowledge of experts and anonymously crowdsources the experience of others. To stay on plan Align constantly updates matter status and spend. It alerts the user to issues and provides accurate data and analytics to course correct in real-time to meet desired outcomes and budget.

It is difficult to avoid running over budget on legal matters. Unplanned legal spend by companies with as few as 25 matters can quickly add up to hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars a year. In addition, lawyers lose far too much time chasing billing issues and correcting matters that have gone off course. They suffer through tedious manual data entry and tracking by spreadsheets because they lack real-time data, analytics and benchmarks to build credible staffing plans and budgets.

Business-driven Legal Management
Align is built for legal departments to plan and budget with confidence. "If you can define your business objectives then you can plan to achieve them," explained Alan Nathanson, Founder and CEO of Align Matters and a 20 year veteran of the legal industry. "What's unique about Align is that it brings lawyers and business clients together to set objectives at the start of a matter. It then finds the right teams for the right tasks and most importantly keeps everyone aligned around the same business goals."

"In today's economy GCs have enormous C-level pressure to cut legal spend. Who wouldn't want a co-pilot at their side to predict budgets and consistently monitor actual versus plan?" offered Deborah Baron, Chief Strategy Officer. "Align is truly the first planning cloud for legal to manage matters, risk and business and financial targets all in one place."

Available Today with ROI Calculator
Align is available today for legal departments, law firms and 3rd party providers. It is cost effective and will reduce budget overruns, risk and time wasted on tedious administrative tasks. For a limited time introductory pricing is available starting at $100 a month for one legal department and one law firm to use Align for a typical matter.

Align is easily configured for a company from a secure cloud and is available the same day to start planning and managing matters. See to analyze the ROI of using Align to reduce budget overruns and recoup time to guide the business.

Align Matters
Align Matters is the global planning cloud for legal. We designed the platform to align inside and outside counsel with client business objectives, prevent massive budget overruns and make lawyers better business leaders. Think of Align as a GPS for legal to automatically plan, budget, analyze risk and make decisions with confidence. Built on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud, it provides accurate data and analytics to course correct on the fly and stay ahead of legal and business issues. Align empowers organizations to improve legal performance and business outcomes worldwide. To learn more visit or contact us at

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