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Fitness Footwear

March 24, 2010 13:00 ET

All Hands on Deck at for the Reebok EasyTone UK Launch

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 24, 2010) -

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As Reebok are about to launch the most expensive advertisement campaign ever produced for a sportswear brand for their new EasyTone range, prepare for the rush of sales.

Reebok EasyTone trainers are due to be launched on 27th March in the UK following on from their European launch earlier this year, and the ongoing advertising campaign in the United States. The range offers a new option for those seeking to incorporate more exercise into their daily routine, without having to sign up for an expensive gym membership.

The rise of the lifestyle fitness shoe has been evident for many months now. There has been a definite shift in the way people exercise, with many not being able to commit to a regular gymnasium workout. Whilst the standard methods of exercise are still popular, Reebok have positioned their new range to appeal to those who have had an exercise routine lapse, or are looking to fit in a more intense workout and commit the minimum amount of time.

The shoes are designed to increase the level of muscle activity in the lower body, increasing the toning value of a workout regime, be it through walking or running. Whilst there are other brands on the market which provide similar functions, Reebok have put there shoe knowhow into the creation of one of the most comfortable shoes of any type on the market.

The shoes feature a new innovation which draws on the same principles of the balance ball. In order to maintain balance, the body is required to make minor adjustments bringing into action a much wider array of muscle groups.

The Reebok EasyTone increases the effort of walking by incorporating balance pods in the outsole of the shoe. Located in three key areas to maximise their effect, the balance pods throw the body off balance slightly. As the body corrects the imbalance, the workout to the gluteus muscle group is increased by 28% according to independent tests. Lower down the legs, the hamstrings demonstrate an increase in muscle activity of 11% with a similar increase in the calves.

Whilst the principles are simplistic, the design is complex. With separate balance pods in the ball and the heel, a lightweight inflexible medial post is required to prevent torque and potential injury and to keep the heel and ball of the foot working in unison throughout the stride. The change in air pressure within the pods propels the foot forward into the next step.

To counter the shock from running, dual density EVA foam density has been increased in the midsole. This provides additional cushioning for long term wear and durability to prolong the life of the shoes. To keep the shoes breathable and lightweight, a synthetic mesh upper is used to allow moisture to escape and keep the feet dry.

Inside the shoe a Smoothfit seamless construction moves any potential abrasive surface out of contact with the foot. The result is a well balanced and exceptionally comfortable trainer which tones at a much increased rate compared to other models. The toning provided to the gluteus is far more substantial than competitor brands providing a shoe which is suitable for a targeted weight reduction and toning program.

Aimed at the female under 40's who finds exercise difficult to fit in to a busy lifestyle, the EasyTone offers a toning regime which can be incorporated into even the most mundane of daily activities. expects with the mass exposure about to be generated later this month that sales will increase dramatically and that the shoes represent exceptionally good value for the £70 starting price.

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