Marshall Ward

Marshall Ward

December 06, 2010 10:37 ET

All Kitchen Essentials Now Cost Less at Marshall Ward

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2010) - The modern kitchen is an essential area in any home, but often becomes a focal point in the winter months as outdoor barbeques make way for indoor dinner parties. This year, Marshall Ward's home appliance monthly deals are making it easier to ensure that kitchens are stocked for all occasions.

Sharing a home-cooked meal with family and friends is always enjoyable, especially during the colder months. For a versatile home cooking platform, consider a combination gas electric oven and hob. Many of these appliances can also be built in to the existing kitchen counter to maximise space usage, which is essential during dinner parties where the kitchen is continually in use.

For smaller cooking jobs, consider a multipurpose microwave oven. Whether you need to defrost, cook or reheat, microwaves are extremely useful kitchen appliances. Modern microwaves are also very neat and compact for ease of storage, and come with variable power settings to allow for any cooking application. 

Two other highly sought after white goods are the fridge and freezer. Larger households should consider a double door, fridge freezer combination. These appliances provide ample storage space for a wide variety of food and drinks. Many fridges also come with a number of features that help make them more user-friendly, such as built-in wine racks, ice dispensers and auto-defrost capabilities.

When the party is over, the cook should be able to take a well deserved break and not have to worry about dirty dishes, making dishwashers indispensable home appliances. For the most versatility, choose a dishwasher that is large enough for bulky pots, pans and other cooking implements. To ensure safety in the kitchen, also consider a dishwasher that contains an automatic flood protection facility.

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