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August 31, 2009 12:41 ET

All My Sons Moving Makes Preparing for Your Move Easier

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - August 31, 2009) - All My Sons Moving knows how stressful moving can be. The Moving Company knows when it's time to move, vast almost infinite amount of stuff that you have to pack seems to linger above you like a mountain that's impossible to climb. One of the most difficult and arduous tasks of moving is the packing process. Most people just don't think they can tackle the immense task alone, while others are unaware of the correct methods of packing. If you or someone you know becomes discouraged when thinking about packing their belongings for a move, then discover the All My Sons Moving packing guide.

The All My Sons Moving packing supplies site recently added the Packing Guide page to the All My Sons Moving website. Here, customers can find all of the tools they will need to pack anything and everything in their home in order to prepare for their move. The Packing Guide breaks down the packing process into simple and customized tips to make it all easier. They have tips for packing for small appliances, non-transportable items, and room by room packing. Part of the site is dedicated to giving you information about different packing materials, specialty boxes, and other materials that make your packing process quick, efficient, and easy. Also, you as the customer have the option to purchase materials for a Do-it-yourself move, or if you don't want to pack, you can let All My Sons Moving do all the work for you when you register for a full-service move. The AMS supplies site not only offers all the materials you'll need at a low price, but also provides all of the services you'll need to make your move easy. Just another way All My Sons Moving is working for you.

About All My Sons Moving and Storage

Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the Dallas Moving Company, All My Sons Moving and Storage services 23 states nationwide. Founded in 1995 and beginning with one location, All My Sons Moving and Storage pioneered the concept of providing a friend in the moving business. All My Sons Moving and Storage recently opened their first location in Mexico City, taking their commitment to quality service for an affordable price international. More information about All My Sons Moving and its services can be obtained through the All My Sons Movers Web site at

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