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December 11, 2009 05:00 ET

ALL-PRO SCIENCE® Groundbreaking Products Sought After by Professional Athletes Such as Troy Tulowitzki, Coy Wire and Tony Richardson

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - December 11, 2009) - ALL-PRO SCIENCE® has caught the attention of professional athletes nationwide. With initial endorsement by Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez, ALL-PRO SCIENCE® has been approached by several professional athletes, including Colorado Rockies shortstop and 2009 MLB MVP candidate Troy Tulowitzki.

Tulowitzki states, "About a month ago I ordered the 100% Complete Vegan Protein and the Complete Immune-D+ and loved them. I was so excited with the results that I wanted to be a part of The APS® team and share my success with everyone."

Other notable athletes who have reached out to ALL-PRO SCIENCE® are: Super Bowl XXXIV Champion, Nate Hobgood-Chittick of the St. Louis Rams, Oakland A's outfielder Shane Keough, Atlanta Falcons linebacker Coy Wire, and New York Jets fullback and NFL Pro Bowler Tony Richardson.

Hobgood-Chittick explains why he got involved with ALL-PRO SCIENCE®. "I have known Tony Gonzalez for a long time. He told me about becoming a vegan and shared with me how much energy he had, so I started to experiment with vegan products. I felt remarkably better and my mind was clearer, however, it was so much work finding food products and protein sources that were vegan compliant. I am grateful that Tony has come out with his line of shakes and supplements. Because of his efforts, I can now enjoy a clean, balanced and delicious vegan shake when ever I want."

Shane Keough points out that, "Playing professional baseball has really shown me that diet alone can't do what adding supplements to your regimen can do. Now that I've found a sure thing in APS® supplements, it's great to know I'm taking only the best ingredients, day in and day out. I am very pleased with APS® products."

ALL-PRO SCIENCE® line includes COMPLETE® 100% vegan protein powder comprised of hemp, brown rice and pea protein, COMPLETE® 100% organic grass-fed whey protein, COMPLETE® Immune-D+ super-antioxidant containing acai and goji berries and grape seed, and COMPLETE® Relief, a liquid roll-on pain reliever. The company will soon be releasing COMPLETE® Recovery Drink, COMPLETE® Multi Vitamin, and COMPLETE® Cleanse.

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