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March 29, 2006 10:02 ET

Allegiance Ensures Customer Service Emails Are Not Ignored

JupiterResearch Report States Companies Are Losing Customers Because They're Not Responsive to Customer Emails; 39 Percent of Companies Are Taking Three Days or Longer to Respond to Customer Service Emails or Not Responding at All

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 29, 2006 -- According to a recent report by JupiterResearch, companies are responding less often to customer email as a result of the rise in customer service email traffic and the lack of technology to aggregate, track, and respond to the volume of emails. The lack of response is having a direct impact on the bottom line as angry customers take their business elsewhere or direct their inquiries to call centers, which can drive up costs for the organization and consumers.

Allegiance, Inc. provides scalable, Web-based technology that serves as the feedback management systems for a number of finance, healthcare, hospitality, education, technology and retail Web sites. The company's Active Listening System is a suite of hosted feedback management solutions that is designed to be a natural extension of a company's Web site, helping organizations to capture, manage, analyze and respond to customer feedback in an appropriate and timely manner. (For more information on the Allegiance customer feedback solution, CustomerVoice, please visit

While many companies are trying to manage customer service emails with homegrown solutions, JupiterResearch suggested that many of the solutions cannot handle the email traffic and actually require 35 to 39 percent more staff to operate(i). The Active Listening System monitors customer feedback traffic, delegates ownership of feedback to the appropriate manager, identifies patterns in the feedback and provides reports on potential trouble spots, all from one central location that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The Allegiance system also has built in escalation tools to ensure that customers' emails are not ignored.

"While no company wants to lose business or face angry customers, there is an obvious disconnect between businesses and customers when it comes to customer service emails that is damaging customer loyalty and retention," said Adam Edmunds, president and chief executive officer of Allegiance. "Email is a simple way for customers to communicate with businesses, but it is also easy to ignore on the receiver's end. With CustomerVoice, organizations have a centrally located system that captures feedback, delivers automated responses to accountable customer service reps, and actually allows organizations to respond quickly and efficiently to customer questions and concerns. With so many different places for companies and consumers to take their business, it is critical for organizations to respond quickly and appropriately to customer feedback, which can have a dramatic impact on customer loyalty and retention and ultimately their bottom line."

Edmunds added, "As a JupiterResearch analyst said recently, organizations that build homegrown feedback solutions are 'spending their money in the wrong places(ii).' We can integrate our Active Listening System behind the 'Contact Us' or 'Customer Support' links on virtually any Web site, and eliminate a number of pain points for companies by truly simplifying the feedback process. One of our customers, Zions Bank, has reported that as a result of implementing our solution, customer response time has been reduced from two weeks to less than 24 hours.

"In addition, because Allegiance serves as the data center, organizations will not need to make additional investments to their infrastructure. The result is a cost-effective, focused channel for customer feedback that collects, categorizes and distributes information instantly, allowing businesses to concentrate on building customer relationships and growing profits."

JupiterResearch reported that while 92 percent of Web sites offered a customer support email, only 41 percent actually distribute an automated email response. The study also found that 85 percent of online consumers and 55 percent of offline consumers will take their business elsewhere if they have a bad customer experience(iii).

About Allegiance

Created in response to the growing legal, ethical, and competitive demands of the market, Allegiance has quickly become the premier industry provider of advanced web and phone-based feedback solutions. The Active Listening System consists of a suite of six online tools that answer specific company needs. Used independently or together, Allegiance solutions are proven to help organizations build customer and employee retention, enhance financial performance, and establish an ethical culture. For more information, please visit

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