June 02, 2009 13:42 ET

Allergies Affect Millions of Americans, but Air Purifiers Can Help Improve Indoor Environments

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA--(Marketwire - June 2, 2009) - Did you know an estimated 35 million Americans suffer from seasonal and perennial nasal allergies? We all enjoy the arrival of spring after a long winter but for allergy sufferers across the U.S., pollen from trees, weeds and grasses can trigger allergy symptoms. But indoor air may not be any better, which can be filled with pet dander, dust mites, mold and other allergens. To help consumers reduce airborne allergens, Kaz, Inc., makers of Honeywell Air Purifiers, offers three easy steps you can take to improve your indoor environment and reduce the presence of allergens inside the home:

1. Take off your shoes. When returning indoors, take off your shoes before entering the house to prevent tracking in pollen, mold spores and other outdoor allergens.

2. Think Spring -- cleaning, that is! A thorough spring cleaning can help rid your home of outdoor air pollutants that creep into your home -- and will reduce indoor pollutants. Be sure to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter on rugs and hardwood floors, wash bedding and curtains frequently, scrub bathrooms and fix moisture leaks to eliminate mold and mildew, and clean mini blinds and shades with an electrostatically-charged cloth to trap dust or use a vacuum attachment designed for dusting. And don't forget to wipe-off pets after being outside to reduce dander and outdoor pollutants that gather on their fur.

3. Keep the windows closed and air purifiers running. Keep your windows closed to keep outdoor pollutants out of your home. Consumers can also use portable air purifiers with HEPA filters in rooms where they spend the most time, such as the bedroom and the living areas (family room, living room, den or home office). Effective air purifiers, such as Honeywell air purifiers, eliminate at least 99 percent of airborne pollutants that pass through their filters, capturing common allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander and smoke. Some Honeywell air purifiers can also be effective at fighting germs such as bacteria, viruses, mold spores and fungi. Portable air purifiers support air circulation in a room, usually several times per hour -- helping to reduce stuffy, stale air.

Honeywell air purifiers have received "Best Buy" ratings in their categories by Consumers Digest magazine. Honeywell air purifiers are affordable, integrate attractively into any home décor, feature advanced technology, are simple to clean and are quiet to operate. Most feature permanent washable or vacuum-able filters -- eliminating expensive filter replacement costs and reducing landfill waste. And some Honeywell air purifiers are even Energy Star-rated and can be operated for the same cost as a 40-watt light bulb!

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