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October 17, 2016 09:01 ET

AllerGuarder Announces Availability of the First Bluetooth-Powered, Food Allergy Bracelet and App System, Using Wearable Technology to Keep Children Safe

The Tech Allergy Bracelet Provides Constant, Proactive Food Allergy Protection to Ensure Awareness From Family and Friends

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Oct 17, 2016) - AllerGuarder, a company founded by dedicated parents and technologists anxious about their children's food allergies and distressed by the explosive growth of the worldwide food allergy epidemic, today announces that the AllerGuarder allergy bracelet is now available to consumers. As the first Bluetooth-powered bracelet and app defense system, the technology helps relatives, friends, teachers and caregivers stay vigilant and aware when a child with food allergies is present.

When the child is nearby and wearing the AllerGuarder bracelet, anyone who has downloaded the free app, available on iOS and Android, will be sent alerts and reminders about the child's dangerous food allergies. These alerts ensure awareness among family and friends, helping to prevent accidental exposure and dangerous allergic reactions. AllerGuarder's Bluetooth transmitter broadcasts the alert to all AllerGuarder app-enabled smartphones and tablets within an approximate 50-foot radius, creating a virtual safe zone. Those within this safe zone can view food allergy information about the allergic person.

"As a parent to children who have severe, life-threatening food allergies, I understand the fear and worry parents deal with on a daily basis. Every time my children go to school, on a play date or visit relatives I have to constantly remind caregivers about their food allergies," said Avram Weissman, CEO of AllerGuarder. "Even those who know about the food allergies can simply forget and accidently expose them to dangerous foods. Our hope is that AllerGuarder provides families an effective food allergy warning system that makes them feel safe and gives them peace of mind."

AllerGuarder fully protects the child's identity from strangers by only sharing personal and emergency information with those who have been granted Trusted Friend status via the app. Parents can also customize the amount of their child's information that is viewable to non-Trusted Friends who have downloaded the app. For example, a non-trusted friend's view can be limited to an alert that an unidentified allergic person is nearby, the type of allergies and whether the allergies are triggered by ingestion, touch, or are airborne. Those designated as Trusted Friends can view more detailed information, such as a child's name and emergency contact information. Additionally, AllerGuarder provides a pre-programmed message that parents can easily forward to encourage family members, friends, teachers, coaches, etc. to download the free AllerGuarder app.

AllerGuarder is available for $49.99 on the AllerGuarder website.

About AllerGuarder:
AllerGuarder is a caring and dedicated team of moms, dads, and professionals who are deeply affected by today's food allergy epidemic. The team has food allergies themselves, has kids with food allergies, or has relatives and close friends with food allergies. AllerGuarder has used decades of experience as parents and collective expertise as professionals to design an app-based solution that offers true food allergy awareness by alerting people when an allergic person is close by.

As part of its mission to promote food allergy awareness, AllerGuarder is proud to be partnering with FAACT (, a non-profit organization focusing on food allergy awareness and prevention, so that $1 of each AllerGuarder purchase goes to support their important work.

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