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March 18, 2011 13:10 ET

Allezoe (ALZM) Announces Organ Transport Systems Preparing for Clinical Trials; Will Prioritize Heart

FRISCO, TEXAS--(Marketwire - March 18, 2011) - Allezoe Medical Holdings (OTCBB:ALZM) today announces that Organ Transport Systems is preparing for clinical trials of its LifeCradle® and that the company plans to begin with applications of its technology to donor heart preservation. Organ Transport Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allezoe.

Organ Transport Systems' LifeCradle® HR Cardiac Perfusion System is specifically designed for heart perfusion. LifeCradle® HR has already undergone eight years of pre-clinical research and experience. OTS and its research collaborators have conducted numerous studies regarding the application of perfusion/preservation technologies to organs beyond the heart, including livers, kidneys, and lungs and even perfusion solutions. These studies have been done in order to define the organ-specific requirements to extend viability and even resuscitate organs that would otherwise currently be discarded.

OTS's large team of collaborators includes organ procurement organizations ("OPOs"), transplant surgeons, as well as research scientists from major academic medical centers and institutes across the nation, as well as in Australia and Europe. Through this research collaboration network, OTS has been able to better define the optimal specifications for the LifeCradle® device that will enter clinical trials for donor heart preservation.

Organ Transport Systems, through its LifeCradle®, aims to directly address the discrepancy between available donor organs and those actually transplanted, by improving the preservation technology. While 27% of all donated hearts are transplanted, only 9% of lungs are, which is problematic where the average wait time for an organ can be years. This shortfall is due to the limitations of the current method of organ preservation and transport, which severely limits the time for which an organ can be preserved at high quality and, consequently, the distance it can be transported to the recipient.

OTS has selected the heart as the first focus of its clinical trials due to the pressing need for heart sharing. Patients may become candidates for heart transplants in a number of situations where the heart has been irreversibly damaged by long-term heart disease or viral infection. Those who suffer from long-term heart failure, heart muscle disease, or other irreversible heart injury from coronary artery disease and multiple heart attacks that cannot be otherwise medically treated, may be candidates for heart transplants.

Organ Transport Systems CEO Michael Holder says, "By beginning with the heart studies, we can go head to head with one of the country's biggest killers- heart disease. We will also be able to set the pace and course for future studies on the applications of this technology to other equally vital and underused organ donations. There is no shortage of work to be done, and we are eager to move into the next phase of bringing this lifesaving technology to the market."


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