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March 31, 2011 19:30 ET

Allezoe (ALZM) Announces Organ Transport Systems Secures European Patent Rights

FRISCO, TEXAS--(Marketwire - March 31, 2011) - Allezoe Medical Holdings (OTCBB:ALZM) today announced that Organ Transport Systems, its wholly-owned subsidiary, has acquired patent protection for its donor organ preservation technology in Europe.

Organ Transport Systems, Inc. ("OTS") has developed technology aimed at improving both organ quality and the amount of time a donated organ can be preserved for transplantation. OTS was issued its first US patent in 2004, for technology that performed hypothermic, oxygenated, nutrient machine perfusion of donor organs to better control the temperature and metabolism of donated organs than the standard practice of using a static, cold-storage, picnic-type cooler. OTS's organ perfusion/preservation technology prevents donated organs from getting too cold and provides oxygen and nutrients to maintain metabolism even at lower temperatures, thus giving the transplant team and patient recipient a more viable organ with expected better outcomes. 

In 2007, OTS was issued its second US patent; that patent expanded the coverage and gave more flexibility in applying the organ preservation technology captured in the first patent. To extend its coverage outside the US, OTS was issued patents in South Africa (2004) as well as Australia (2010). OTS also has been issued a patent by the European Patent Office and coverage has been filed for in France, The United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Belgium (2010). OTS has further strengthened its intellectual property position in the market via two Freedom To Operate opinions rendered over the past five years.

LifeCradle®, the brand name of OTS's donor organ preservation device, is a registered trademark. The company hopes to grow the brand in the coming years. 

The OTS Product Development team maintains a database of potential patent opportunities and plans to file additional applications to expand patent coverage for new, unique concepts and designs brought forth by its engineering and clinical research teams. The company is also exploring patent applications deriving from the research it has done on liquid perfusion solutions which are circulated through the organ in the preservation process. Perfusion solutions provide the Company with a separate and attractive market potential in addition to that provided by the device market. 

Michael Holder, CEO of Organ Transport Systems says, "OTS is complementing our forward-thinking research and technology with our intellectual property strategies in an effort to make our products widely available to the transplant teams and organ recipients who need them. OTS is also actively exploring licensing opportunities for our technologies in both the organ perfusion solution and device spaces."

Four additional OTS patent applications are currently pending as the next step in expanding the company's intellectual property portfolio.

Earlier this month Organ Transport Systems announced the members of its Medical Advisory Board, shortly following its announcement that it is in preparations for clinical trials in 2012.


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