January 22, 2008 11:19 ET Buys Golf Marketing Rights From Wi-Fi TV and Announces Plan in PGA Event Press Conference

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - January 22, 2008) - and Wi-Fi TV Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVN) ( jointly announced in a press conference at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida that AllGolfTV has secured all Golf related marketing rights for Wi-Fi TV stations, video and banner ad sales and product sales, subject to receipt of certain payments and conditions, including the cash purchase of a Wi-Fi TV station and certain minimum revenue generation requirements. The press conference can be viewed online at

"Wi-Fi TV's intends to set an example as to how a station owner with Wi-Fi TV can generate tremendous revenue. Having the exclusive rights to the topic of Golf is exciting because it is a $62 Billion Dollar World Wide Industry. With the platform that Wi-Fi TV offers, we intend to build the reach to a Global scale by offering Golf Industry Professionals the right to purchase stations with default rights such as Golf Apparel, Golf Fitness, Golf Vacations, etc. in any country and by giving our station buyers those default rights, it allows us to focus on selling more stations and building more value for our viewers worldwide," said Eileen Luttrell, President,

"Our goal in 2008 is to build a network of companies within the Golf Industry that cannot be beat. We are the Golf Channel of the internet and intend on out-performing any other Golf media distribution entity many times over. Wi-Fi TV allows us to reach a global market with an interactive and attractive user interface. It puts the products and services in direct contact with their customer. If you think about the costs associated with traditional advertising such as cable and television, radio, and print, you notice that there are always steps involved between contact and purchase. For example, with a radio ad the customer must park, remember, go to a computer or drive to a store before a purchase is done. But with Internet Golf Super Mall we are building at Wi-Fi TV, a client is watching live video footage and the register is only a click away.

"You will see that the content filmed by Wi-Fi TV and at this year's 55th Annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida (and available for viewing this week on the Wi-Fi TV platform at involved speaking with the inventors themselves. It features people like Joe Pagano, a semi-finalist on the Golf Channel Reality Show 'Fore Inventors Only' and inventor of the Power Stance Trainer, and Mike Adams, a Golf Channel Great and World Renowned PGA Teaching Professional. We will have entertaining quality programming.

"We also showcased lots of the new products available to today's Golfers such as the Wee Putt for Dough portable all-in-one putting green, invented by Angie McDuffie, which was also nominated for the award of 'Best New Invention.' This is a wonderful forum to put the Exhibitors in direct contact with the Consumer and share in a portal of interactive and entertaining content. You will also be able to view new DVDs and Ebooks by using the Pay Per View capabilities that Wi-Fi TV offers but without having to eat up your hard drive's memory. This is the beauty of Wi-Fi TV and what Alex Kanakaris (founder of Wi-Fi TV Inc.) and his team have created.

"We have no doubt that we will be able to sell at least one Wi-Fi TV station a month. The interest that has been expressed and with the excitement that has been established, and of course with the amazing platform that Wi-Fi TV is, it is extremely exciting about where we intend on being as a company a year from now. We are confident with our business model that we have quite a good chance at taking ourselves and Wi-Fi TV to amazing heights.

"We here at are intent on making the Golf Portion of Wi-Fi TV an example of the true potential you have by owning a Wi-Fi TV station. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Kanakaris and his team. I would absolutely refer any potential station owner that Wi-Fi TV gets an A+ in my book as business people and for their customer service. They have been extremely helpful and supportive of our efforts to grow and we cannot express enough how happy we are to be working with their team.

"Wi-Fi TV is a great company and is working hard to give someone a chance to build a great business. I myself feel that because of what Alex (Kanakaris, founder of Wi-Fi TV Inc.) has built and what he is willing to do to make my business better, I am on the verge of winning the lottery! I have had success in Real Estate but with this, I cannot begin to tell you the potential you can have for something great. It does take effort and know-how but if you can think big you can do big! At and with the $62 Billion Dollar Golf Industry and with the support that Alex and his team give we are going the show the world that the time is get on board is now!" Eileen Luttrell concluded.


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