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July 23, 2014 09:00 ET

Alliance Media Group Holdings, Inc.'s Affiliate, Carbolosic, LLC, Enters Into Cellulose Sugar Offtake Agreement With PFL Petroleum Services, LTD

WEST PALM BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - July 23, 2014) - Alliance Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ALLM) (the "Company") announced today that its affiliate Carbolosic, LLC has entered into an agreement with PFL Petroleum Services, LTD to offtake all of the Industrial Grade Concentrated Cellulose Sugar Syrup the Carbolosic plants produce over the next three (3) years, once the plants are operational. 

This agreement comes on the heels of Carbolosic's announcement last week that it has secured funding for five Cellulose to Sugar (CTS™) plants in the South Florida area. PFL has a long history in biofuel markets and gives Carbolosic access to the world markets for its proprietary Cellulose Sugar Syrup made from a variety of agriculture and yard waste. 

Carbolosic anticipates the first plant will open in 2015 and will be producing Cellulose Sugar Syrup almost immediately. "Palm Beach County has no shortage of yard waste and this first plant should process upwards of a thousand tons a day," said AMG Renewables, LLC CEO Joe McNaney. He went on to say, "These plants could provide almost a million tons a year of fermentable sugars to the bio fuel and fine chemicals industries, without taking valuable food out of the market." 

Under the terms of the agreement up to 144,000 tons of condensed fermentable sugar syrup per plant, per year will be bought by PFL and distributed into the world market. The agreement is for three (3) years plus extensions and could generate upwards of $112,000,000 in revenue per plant each year. Not only are non-food source cellulose sugars mandated by congress under Renewable Fuels Standard II; they also carry very important financial incentives from the U.S. Government to use them in Ethanol and Bio-diesel blending.

Aside from the Cellulose Sugars, the Carbolosic plants may eventually produce a variety of products including various fine chemicals such as vanillin and syringaldehyde as well as plastics, carbon fibers and lignin, all from the same agriculture and yard waste using Carbolosics patented technology. PFL will seek to offtake these products as well, once they are available.

About Progressive Fuels Limited (PFL):

PFL is an independent interdealer broker in the wholesale physical biofuel markets. PFL offers a broad range of specialist services to trading professionals, including the matching of buyers and sellers in the markets. PFL is client focused, innovative, driven and responsive. PFL's team of market specialists consistently strive to provide unrivaled voice brokerage services, up-to-the-minute market information, timely execution of transactions, and efficient post trade services for their clients. PFL acts as an independent introducing broker in all dealings to deliver the best, most accurate and unbiased prices for all products and terms they broker.

The company has more than 45 years of combined experience in the North American and European energy sectors. The Company's principals are pioneers in developing new energy markets and growing existing ones. They have a track record of success that is built on solid relationships. The Company aims to bring the highest levels of integrity, reliability and professionalism to all of their interactions. Through this approach the company has managed to establish a formidable network that includes banks, private equity groups, producers and blenders. From the smallest ethanol cooperatives to the largest financial institutions, PFL is prepared to meet the needs in the biofuel markets.

About CTS™ and Carbolosic, LLC: 

CTS™ was invented by Dr. Richard Blair at the University of Central Florida and patented by the University in 2012. Carbolosic, LLC was created in 2013 and obtained the exclusive, worldwide license to the patent that same year. The patented CTS™ technology is the only known mechanical/chemical, dry process for converting most all cellulose material into fermentable sugars for use in the bio fuels industry as well as other fine chemical manufacturing, without the use of enzymes, bacteria, liquid acids, pressure or applied heat. CTS™ is poised to become the preferred method for cellulose conversion due to its lack of harsh liquid acids, applied heat or pressure, enormous capital requirements as well as the absence of any hazardous byproduct materials. 

Carbolosic's goal is to develop the CTS™ technology to a commercial scale, build full scale Cellulose to Sugar plants both domestically and abroad as well as to license the technology to relevant organizations and governments. 

About AMG:

Alliance Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: ALLM) ( is a Florida based public holding company focusing on investments in strong, proven markets while staying flexible enough to take advantage of emerging trends in a variety of industries. Alliance Media Group Holdings, Inc (or "AMG") currently operates two wholly owned subsidiaries: AMG Entertainment. LLC and AMG Renewables, LLC. Each division is independent of the other and is managed by seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

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