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February 23, 2011 11:45 ET

Alliance Staffing CEO Creates Business Group for Wrestlers

Group Helps Grapple With the Transition "From Mat to Marketplace"

INDEPENDENCE, OH--(Marketwire - February 23, 2011) - Aaron Grossman, a former wrestler and president of Alliance Staffing Solutions, always noticed that the former wrestlers he met during the course of business had felt a unique bond not found among other student athletes.

"Wrestlers spend years going through shared pain and agony, with the stress of weekly weigh-ins and constant threats of seeing funding for our programs cut," he recalled. "You definitely feel like you've been run through the gauntlet, and any other wrestler you meet without exception tends to understand exactly what you mean."

Grossman wondered just how deep this sentiment existed in the community. As an experienced social media marketer for his own business, he decided to test the idea by creating a LinkedIn Group, Wrestlers in Business, which would reunite other wrestlers. In a few months, it became the largest group on Linkedin dedicated to the sport of wrestling with over 1,000 members. He tried the same experiment with Facebook as a second test -- and received more than 2,500 followers within a single month.

Last month, Grossman and a team of other wrestling enthusiasts launched a nonprofit, "Wrestlers in Business" site Membership in the group provides access to thousands of other wrestlers, networking events, discussion forums, access to job postings and scholarships and most of all, an opportunity to give back to a sport that has made an impact in the lives of these professionals. The group held a kickoff event in Cleveland during January.

Tim Courtad, one of the organization's board members, said he is optimistic about the impact the group can have for its members. "It's not unusual to consider reaching 100,000 members, based on the immediate online response we received just from word-of-mouth. If we can achieve those types of numbers, just think how much influence we can have in terms of helping our members' businesses. In addition, we'll have considerable financial and political clout to help support high school and college programs in danger of being dropped. Instead of fighting for our sport on an individual basis, Wrestlers in Business is about one team fighting for the sport together."

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