UN Women National Committee Canada

UN Women National Committee Canada

March 26, 2015 14:11 ET

Almas Jiwani to Address the Inaugural ArtsGames Conference on the Importance of Women-Driven Initiatives

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 26, 2015) -

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Almas Jiwani, President of the UN Women National Committee Canada, will share her global perspective on the importance of women-driven initiatives for social progress at the inaugural ArtsGames Conference on April 1, 2015, in Toronto.

"Although we have made tremendous progress in some sectors, women are still absent in impacting global decision making. I firmly believe that the time has come for the world to adjust to a different optic, one that does not require a suit to allow entry into the upper echelons of financial investment and thus substantive opportunities. As we struggle to change our economic models let us also struggle to re-align our thinking of who we give what and who we give access to those hallowed halls of board rooms, where real decisions are made." Said Almas Jiwani. There is a distinct difference between where women are today and where they can be. This threshold needs to be broken both internationally and here in Canada before society can reap the benefits of every person's contribution to it."

The ArtsGames Conference is an historic revival of medaled International Arts competitions in Music, Dance, Literature, Visual Arts and Media Arts. Modeled after the Olympic and Paralympic Games, this cross-cultural event is holding an invite-only conference in which some of the World's top performing arts competitions and festivals are joining force. The International Dance Organization, the International Jazz Festival Organization and the President of the World Federation of International Music Competitions will all be in attendance at this historic beginning of the formation of ArtsGames' Commissions and Federations. Participants have been selected based on their proven ability to promote the arts and use competition to showcase talent.

"In order to change cultural perceptions, we need to give women like Almas Jiwani the support required to make a difference. Women who have ambitions to lead, whether it is UN Women, the ArtsGames, or leading a Nation, these women should not have the added burden of continually proving themselves over and above the requirements of the job." It is time to change the model," said International ArtsGames Committee (IAC) President Sylvia Sweeney. "Women need to have equal access to resources. Some can be placated by flattery and platitudes, but without real financial access, they will be back again asking, please Sir, can I have some more? Imagine what they could achieve with the time they spend asking for help."

Almas Jiwani will use her experience as a global ambassador for women's equal participation in society to address the ArtsGames Conference on the dynamics of leadership and the importance of women-lead initiatives.

About UN Women National Committee Canada

The UN Women National Committee Canada (formerly UNIFEM Canada) was founded in 1993 with the goal of promoting equality for all women. The National Committee Canada is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) that supports the mission of UN Women through public awareness initiatives about UN Women and global women's issues, as well as fundraising efforts to support UN Women programmes worldwide. The National Committee Canada is one of 15 National Committees worldwide. The National Committee raises the profile of UN Women and promotes its work in Canada.

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About UN Women's HeForShe and IMPACT 10X10X10 Campaigns:

HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality. Gender equality was at one time a struggle for women by women but now is the time for this to change. A movement is building around the world that sees men taking a stronger stand on equality. Canada currently has over 13,000 men who have committed to furthering gender equality within our country.

IMPACT 10X10X10 aims to add corporations, governments, universities and grassroots organizations into the growing movement of equality. Gender equality benefits everyone. IMPACT 10X10X10 builds on HeForShe as a movement that seeks gender equality advocates in every sphere of influence.

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