Almas Jiwani Foundation

Almas Jiwani Foundation

July 29, 2017 17:50 ET

The Almas Jiwani Foundation opens avenues for incubated social enterprise and women's empowerment at the 9th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

KAMPALA, UGANDA--(Marketwired - July 29, 2017) -

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The Almas Jiwani Foundation is delivering exciting new research striking at the nexus of Renewable Energy Technology and Empowerment for women and girls in developing nations. Foundation CEO Almas Jiwani will share innovative interdisciplinary insights to light the path to empowerment for women and girls at the Ministerial and Stakeholder Forums of the 9th Commonwealth Youth Ministers Meeting - 31st July - 4th August 2017 being held in Kampala, Uganda.

Every four years Commonwealth leaders come together to chart a course for the advancement of shared social, economic and environmental development initiatives. The conference and high-level forums are focusing on the theme of Resourcing and Financing Youth Development: Empowering Young People. The conference will feature the recent work of the Foundation and will include the publication of the article "Modeling the Potential of Social Enterprise in Renewable Energy: Integrating powerful partnerships for youth empowerment".

"The potential for women's empowerment that exists at the nexus of renewable energy technology and social entrepreneurship is undeniable. We are demonstrating the barrier dissolving and boundary spanning work that can unlock a wellspring of possibility and a new reality for young women and girls." Said Foundation CEO Almas Jiwani.

Energy equality and the advancement of women at every step of renewable energy implementation can produce radical change with geographies of energy poverty. Women and young people are those who are most seriously impacted by fossil fuel pollution and biomass harvesting and combustion. Their role in building sustainable foundations for enduring health, stability and renewable energy will serve to open-up the potential of developing economies.

"The meeting will enable government ministers and senior officials to share good practices, debate emerging issues, take stock of pioneering Commonwealth initiatives and forge new partnerships for resourcing youth development. Ministers will engage directly with young leaders and youth sector stakeholders to ensure multiple perspectives are included in decision making". The Commonwealth Secretariat.

About Almas Jiwani Foundation

The vision of The Almas Jiwani Foundation is to empower women, girls and marginalized communities through focused projects that directly address disparities in equality, education, entrepreneurship and energy rights. The Foundation aims to bridge inequalities through the fostering of relationships among the various actors and stakeholders in global issues, and provide a platform for discourse and action.

About the Commonwealth Secretariat

The Commonwealth Secretariat, established in 1965, supports Commonwealth member countries to achieve development, democracy and peace. A champion for young people, the Secretariat has been supporting youth development for over 40 years. Learn more:

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