Almas Jiwani Foundation

Almas Jiwani Foundation

July 20, 2016 14:32 ET

Almas Jiwani Foundation Partners With EnerDynamic Systems Inc. to Bring Green Technology and Sustainable Advancements to Women in Developing World

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - July 20, 2016) -

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The Almas Jiwani Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with EnerDynamic Systems Inc., a Canadian-based global energy solutions company. This partnership will help implement high-powered solar, wind, and battery systems to communities of impoverished and underprivileged women in developing countries.

"Access to technology means access to potential," said Almas Jiwani. "It is essential that those living in disadvantaged conditions with no means to secure food, water, and energy can be connected to technological advancements that will help modernize and build their communities. By advancing with this green technology, they will be able to take advantage of what we take for granted in the Western world-and their untapped potential flourish."

The Almas Jiwani Foundation recognizes this potential, and it was after much consideration that the partnership with EnerDynamic Systems Inc. has come to light. Its because of this technology that women living in less than ideal conditions, traditionally the worker and family caretaker, will now have a chance for equal status, become educated through distance education on the internet, live a healthier life by not breathing in life shortening fossil fuel fumes from lamps in the hut or house, and many far reaching benefits. We want to spread our technologies to change living conditions for everyone.

"I'm pleased to partner with the Almas Jiwani Foundation and its efforts to help the world transition to greener and more sustainable energy production," said Bruce Wells, Enerdynamic Systems Inc. President. "We full heartedly support AJF's global efforts to empower women, promote gender equality, enable access to energy so that women in impoverished conditions can make better use of modern technology and communication systems. The ultimate goal being to raise the standard of living of millions of people and their communities from current poverty levels in all corners of the earth. For us, it's ethically unacceptable to accept and maintain the status quo."

This partnership with EnerDynamic will significantly evolve and bring solutions to women in the developing world, offering them technology that will further empower their education, independence, and health.

"This really is at the heart of our mission statement." Added Jason Dupuis, Vice President of the Almas Jiwani foundation. "Our goal is to provide the tools for the developing world to excel, this partnership is about just that. With sustainable, clean energy, you expand the potential of these communities in infinite ways."


Empowering women and girls through focused projects that directly address gender equality, education, entrepreneurship, entertainment and energy rights. Through empowering women and girls in targeted areas, AJF hopes to improve societal and economic conditions in the developing world. Projects include providing sustainable energy to provide a better education, better living conditions and to create the environment where women can thrive as entrepreneurs in any region.


EnerDynamic Systems Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of its patented hybrid energy generating solutions for the developing world. By bringing electricity to remote and developing communities through its "Micro-Grid" solutions, EnerDynamic will make a significant difference to the underdeveloped parts of the world where no grid exists today. The results of this deployment through its various partnerships around the glove will help millions of people advance to the modern world, unlocking a vast potential of human empowerment.

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