National Committee for UN Women - Canada

National Committee for UN Women - Canada
MQM Canada

MQM Canada

April 22, 2011 17:05 ET

Almas Jiwani, President of the National Committee for UN Women-Canada Will Address the Pakistani Community at the 2011 Pakistan Day Celebrations Hosted by MQM-Canada

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 22, 2011) - Ms. Almas Jiwani, President of the National Committee for UN Women - Canada will address an audience of over 400 individuals at the 2011 Pakistan Day festivities organized under the auspices of the MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) and its annual community event.

This high profile event will feature remarks and keynote addresses by local and foreign dignitaries followed by an exclusive performance by the renowned Pakistani singer Naeem Abbas Rufi. The theme of the event is surrounding the legacy of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, MQM leader Altaf Hussain and his vision of equality and justice for the people of Pakistan and the constitution of Pakistan that was realized on March 23rd 1956.

Commenting on the Pakistan Day celebration, Ms Almas Jiwani states:

"Investment in women and girls is the key to Pakistan's future growth and productivity. Today we celebrate the Pakistan Resolution Day as a pinnacle moment in the creation of the country. We reflect, we remember, and we look ahead. Today, let us make a personal commitment to ensuring that gender equality becomes a lived reality in Pakistan and worldwide. Let us celebrate Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's vision for creating an independent nation. Like the founders of the country, we too must be visionaries and we must work together to put Pakistan on the trajectory to become a strong, united, and peaceful country. There is only one way to accomplish this goal, and it rests in the investment in the country's greatest untapped resource – women. "

Reflecting on the Pakistan Day celebrations, MQM Canada Central Organizer Mr. Iqbal Qamar states:

"MQM Canada and its leadership under Altaf Hussain, explicitly believes that empowerment of society occurs through empowerment of the underprivileged middle and lower classes. Thus, in order to achieve the solution to most of Pakistan's problems, our approach emphasizes Realism and Practicalism. Women's empowerment is an important aspect of MQM's larger agenda. We fully believe that through cooperation with civil society partners like UN Women – Canada, we will revitalize the global and local dialogue on gender equality and eradication of societal injustices.

On this Pakistan Day, we hope to bring new energy, draw on multiple talents, and bring together men and women from around the world for this endeavor to make gender equality and societal empowerment a "lived reality" and accelerate Pakistan's economic, political and social progress."

The 2011 Pakistan Day event will be organized at Milan Banquet Hall and all the funds raised from tickets will be donated to alleviate the suffering and assist the flood victims of Pakistan.

About UN Women-Canada

The National Committee for UN Women - Canada works to address the challenges of promoting gender equality globally. UN Women is a dynamic and strong champion for women and girls, providing them with a powerful voice at the global, regional, and local levels. The main roles of UN Women – Canada is to raise UN Women's profile and promotes its work in Canada; raise funds for UN Women projects; creates awareness within the Canadian government for increased contribution for UN Women projects; and encouragement of non-governmental organizations, civil society, political and corporate leaders to promote and support UN Women initiatives.

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About MQM-Canada

MQM is the third largest political party in Pakistan with its presence in all levels of the Pakistani Government. The party holds 52 seats in the Provincial Assembly, 25 seats in the National Assembly and 6 seats in the Senate. The party was initially founded as a student movement in 1978 in Karachi Pakistan, followed by its emergence into a mainstream political movement in 1984 under the auspices of its founder & leader, Altaf Hussain. The founding of MQM for the first time in the history of the country allowed lower and middle-class to gain access, through the MQM platform, by being elected for National and Provincial assemblies of Pakistan.

MQM also boasts one of the largest ratios of women in the parliament of Pakistan. The party has its overseas branches established in over 32 countries of the world including Canada where its organizational activities are purely for social, cultural and educational purposes.

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