UN Women Canada National Committee

UN Women Canada National Committee

June 07, 2012 18:19 ET

Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada National Committee, Appointed as an Ambassador for Peace and to Speak during the Women's Federation for World Peace National Conference

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 7, 2012) -

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Almas Jiwani, President of UN Women Canada National Committee appointed as an Ambassador for Peace, will speak at the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Canada and the Universal Peace Federation (WFWPI) joint conference this Saturday, in support of the UN International Day of Families. The theme this year is "Promoting Strong Family Values as a Foundation for a Peaceful Nation."

"It is an honour and a privilege to speak and share my thoughts on how to strengthen and enhance gender equality as well as engage with the other prominent speakers invited to this event," says Jiwani. "My hope is that by sharing the experiences and successes of the UN Women National Committee, audience members will be inspired to take action for the advancement gender equality and the achievement of a more peaceful world," she adds.

"When I look at the vision and goals of Ms. Jiwani, I am delighted to see one more powerful voice in being a messenger for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as the humanitarian work she has done globally. I know that women working together, by crossing the boundaries of differences of race, culture, nationality, religion, can and will create a world of love and sustainable peace," says Lilly Tadin, of WFWP Canada and Vice-President of WFWPI.

The theme of the conference will build upon previous years, which have focused on topics such as faith, family, service, and peace. The focus for this year is on strengthening the family as the foundation for peace. This is in support of the International Day of Families promoted each year by the United Nations.

Due to her outstanding contributions as a humanitarian and to international gender equality, Jiwani will be appointed as an Ambassador for Peace (AFP.) "When we looked at the requirements for an AFP, we could see that Ms. Jiwanis' accomplishments were exemplary and her leadership, professionalism, and relentless hard work fit the requirements for an AFP as her achievements have impacted both women and girls in Canada and around the world. Her message for gender empowerment is loud and clear and is reaching out to many who are abused and deprived of their rights and dignity. We feel she meets the criteria for recognition as an AFP and we wish her continued success in the achievement of MDG goals," says Tadin.

The keynote speaker of the conference will be Honorable Inyumba Aloisea, Minister of Gender and Family Promotion from Rwanda. Jiwani will speak about "Promoting Strong Family Values as a Foundation for a Peaceful Nation" and will be joined by other honorable guests such as David Kilbourg, former Cabinet Minister of Canada and Jean Augustine, Fairness Commissioner of Ontario, former Cabinet Minister of Canada and Member of Parliament in addition to many other prominent speakers.

The conference will take place on June 9, at the Don Valley Hotel in Toronto. Ms. Jiwani will speak during the third session, beginning at 2pm.

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About UN Women Canada National Committee

UN Women Canada National Committee raises UN Women's profile and promotes its work in Canada; raises funds for UN Women projects; creates awareness within the Canadian governments for increased funding for UN Women projects; and encourages non-governmental organizations to promote and support UN Women initiatives.

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Launched in 2001, Ambassadors for Peace has become the world's largest and most diverse network of peace leaders. They come from all walks of life representing all races, religions, nationalities, and cultures, and commit to:

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About the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) Canada

The Women's Federation for World Peace International (WFWPI) founded in April 1992 by Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, focuses on poverty eradication through worldwide service projects in the area of education; women's self-help; agriculture; AIDS prevention; nutrition and medical aid. WFWP Canada, also founded in 1992, is a chapter of the WFWPI. It is a non-governmental, not for profit organization that's open to all, regardless of race, nationality, religion and gender. In Canada there are 3 regional chapters, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. WFWP Canada is supported through its membership program and donations from a variety of sponsors. Our efforts are focused on empowering women and families through education and healing for reconciliation of racial, religious and cultural conflicts.

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