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August 23, 2005 18:59 ET™ Intelligent Marketplace Launches and Begins a New Era of Informed, Socially Responsible Shopping

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 23, 2005 -- is an engaging information, shopping and community-building website portal designed for the socially and environmentally conscious individual. As the first web portal to incorporate Social-Responsibility (SR) data about manufacturers and merchants directly into an online shopping experience,™ empowers people to direct their spending to companies that reflect their own socio-economic and environmental concerns.

Co-founder George Polisner explains that, "Part of our mission is to provide visibility and therefore sales revenue to companies that are making a positive impact on the world -- businesses that are working to reduce our dependency on oil, respect our rivers and forests and provide a fair and equitable workplace."

With Version 1.0,™ seamlessly integrates product and pricing content from a large shopping aggregator, with trusted SR data from a leading research company, thereby enabling consumers to evaluate and make purchase decisions about millions of competitively priced, high-quality products. According to Ethan McCutchen, SR Data Strategist, "™ transcends the myriad of price and product quality information already available on the Internet to help consumers understand the societal impact of the producer."

The SR data is provided by KLD Research & Analytics Inc., a leading provider of SR research to the institutional investment community worldwide. Now for the first time, KLD's research results are accessible by consumers, through, to help them answer questions such as: Which companies embrace fair labor practices versus use of sweatshop labor? Which companies are transitioning to clean manufacturing as an alternative to polluting our neighborhoods? How can I direct my purchase dollars to companies that are considering the future impact of their business versus those that limit their concerns to short-term profits, regardless of societal cost?

Through a patent-pending technique, each™ user can weight specific attributes to personalize their own comparison experience. "For example," states Lewis Hoffman, SR Data Architect, "a person who is particularly concerned about use of renewable clean energy can give a higher weight to that particular attribute over other ratings."

Concludes co-founder Joey Shepp, "By providing trusted information to consumers, we can add significant visibility and revenue to businesses that are embracing a balance between people, planet and profit.™ catalyzes the power of millions of individuals acting in concert for a better, stronger America, and a safe, sustainable world."

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