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July 17, 2013 05:00 ET

Alphavest Defends Liberated Investor Tool-Kit From Angered Financial Services Industry

CHARLESTON, SC--(Marketwired - Jul 17, 2013) - Alphavest, the world's first fee-only, web-based, active investment platform today announced it will continue to defend its Liberated Investor Tool-Kit despite criticism from Wall St.

The Liberated Investor Tool-Kit is a manual for average investors that dispels industry rumors and reveals many of the ways the financial services industry exploits investors. While not popular with the advisor community riled by the polarizing nature of the subject matter, The Liberated Investor Tool-Kit has been hailed as a valuable resource to educate investors, dispel industry myths and enhance investor confidence.

Created by the founder of Alphavest, Cokie Berenyi, the kit is a free manual offered as a public service to anyone who wants to download it.

"We're tired of Wall St.'s model," said Berenyi, "and so are most Americans. The Liberated Investor Tool-Kit may just be the first time investors have been taught how that game is played and what can be done about it."

Called "inflammatory" and "seditious" by some investment professionals, The Liberated Investors Tool-Kit includes information about the following:

1. Excessive Fees and What Can Be Done About Them. This section outlines how some investors are paying as much as 3-5 years worth of their retirement in over-the-top fees.
2. The Myth Behind Buy and Hold. This section outlines how advisors hide behind a sketchy strategy to protect their income while missing most of the market upside.
3. The Emotion Behind Market Timing. This portion reveals how far-flung theories of macroeconomics are used to justify unlikely investment strategies that often mask emotion-based wealth management.
4. Go Fee-Only. This section of the Kit outlines the nature of the game that advisors play and how commissions and fees inflate the cost of retirement.
5. Hire an Advisor That's on Your Side. This part of the guide outlines the nature of a "fiduciary" and how to hire an advisor that is working for the investor, not their Broker Dealer

"We're not making ourselves popular with Wall St. by publishing this," says Berenyi, "in fact, I've gotten angry calls... but we're not on a mission to protect Wall St. Our passion is to educate investors and protect them from a system that never has had their best interests at heart. We're building a movement here and it's encouraging to see how it's taking off."

About Alphavest:

Alphavest is a revolutionary approach to investing that seeks to challenge Wall St., lead investors to prosperity and thoroughly transform the investment industry. 

Alphavest's investment models are based on a time-tested, data-driven approach, seeking to outperform benchmarks in every market. Alphavest is designed to serve all types of investors: aggressive to conservative, short-term to long-term. Unlike traditional brokerage houses, stockbrokers, money managers or financial planners, Alphavest provides 100% objective decision-making that is fee-only. Commissions are not -- and never will be -- the way we do business.

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