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June 17, 2013 08:18 ET

ALR Technologies Announces Major Project Partnership With Healing Our Village of MD, Inc. to Serve 500 Patients in DC

RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2013) - ALR Technologies (OTCBB: ALRT) today announced that up to 500 patients would be utilizing ALRT's Health-e-Connect Diabetes Remote Monitoring Program as part of a diabetes management program run by Healing Our Village (HOV) ( in the District of Columbia. The demonstration project will assist low-income, minority populations to better manage their diabetes through coaching and support by experienced HOV clinicians who will assist with more careful control of diets, better management of medications and encouragement of lifestyle changes. HOV's expert staff will be assisted by ALRT's Diabetes Care Facilitators in monitoring the blood glucose levels of patients enrolled in the program so that HOV staff can make more timely care interventions and assist patients in meeting their goals. HOV is receiving support for the project from the DC Department of Public Health.

ALRT's goal in the project is to assist the HOV team and their patients by replicating the results of ALRT's clinical trials; those trials demonstrated that the use of Internet-based Glucose Monitoring Systems (IBGMS) are associated with lower A1c levels, a key indicator of success for a patient's diabetes care program. ALRT will not receive any government funding for their participation in the project.

HOV's Chairman and President, Dr. Lenore T. Coleman, Pharm.D., CDE, FASHP, said: "We are excited to be able to utilize this new, FDA-cleared technology in order to better serve our patients. Many of our patients have challenging health conditions and co-morbidities. To meet these challenges, our ALRT partner will help us monitor our patients' blood glucose levels between office visits, allowing us to make more timely interventions and adjustments to their care plans. We are hopeful that this new technology will make a significant difference in the lives of our patients."

ALRT's President, Larry Weinstein, expressed enthusiasm about the particular nature of this project: "After conducting clinical trials and achieving FDA clearance and HIPAA compliance, we were eager to deploy our technology for the benefit of real world patients who are struggling with chronic disease and need more support. ALRT is very gratified that our first major deployment of our technology will benefit a very vulnerable population with significant healthcare challenges. We feel that our technology, in the hands of the great professionals of HOV, will help to improve the lives of these patients."

About Healing Our Village of MD, Inc.

Healing Our Village of MD, Inc (HOV) develops methods to assure healthcare system change that promotes patient behavior change for improved health outcomes in medically underserved populations. In particular, HOV specializes in disease state and medication therapy management programs, clinical trial support, patient education, as well as outreach for health care professionals and minority communities. The HOV team possesses a wide variety of experience in market research, professional education (physicians, pharmacists, certified diabetes educators, nursing), wellness and prevention screening, event planning and production, data collection and reporting, and sales force training.

About ALR Technologies

ALR Technologies is a medical device company providing remote monitoring and care facilitation for patients with chronic diseases. ALRT has developed the FDA-cleared Health-e-Connect system which uploads the data from blood glucose meters onto a secure website where clinicians and others can better monitor and coordinate the care of these patients. The platform will be expanded to cover patients with other chronic diseases. More information on ALR Technologies and its products can be found at

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