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September 30, 2010 12:30 ET

Alternative Energy Partners (AEGY) Developing Energy Management Controller to Appeal to Hotel Industry

Efficient Controller Would Provide Savings For $4B Hospitality Energy Market

MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA--(Marketwire - Sept. 30, 2010) - Alternative Energy Partners (OTCBB:AEGY), a provider of comprehensive alternative energy solutions, today announces that it is preparing to target the hospitality industry with a new energy management control tool.

The energy controller is coming at a time when it is most needed. U.S. hotels spend close to $4 Billion on energy every year. The U.S. Environmental Protection Association has reported that reducing energy use by 10 percent across the lodging industry would save $745 million per year.

Alternative Energy Partners ("AEGY") subsidiary Shovon ( offers cutting edge hardware technology to provide users with Web-based, Internet remote control capabilities for monitoring and controlling high power electrical devices. Shovon is in development with its industrial controller, which would have direct application to the hospitality industry, allowing users to access and monitor facilities, viewing relevant events or statuses online, drilling down to the individual appliance level. The device's monitoring is enabled from anywhere in the world by using a PC or cell phone, and is designed to monitor multiple locations wirelessly, allowing for oversight of a wider range of locations and appliances, a particular benefit for a hotel overseeing hundreds of rooms simultaneously.

Shovon CEO Jules Karim says, "The controllers we offer would allow a concierge to prepare your room right before check in to a hotel. They could turn on the lights from the front desk, so when you arrive it's welcoming, but the lights have only been on for a few minutes. Right now hotels are starting to offer a bottle of wine or a certain type of bedding to repeat guests. But lighting and temperature are basic, crucial elements of setting when you are away from the comforts of your own home, and our controller will allow hotel management achieve the perfect stay.

The city of Las Vegas is just one example of the massive market our technology addresses. Over 36M people visit every year, and those guests are only in their rooms a fraction of the time. The amount that is saved could be reinvested in other aspects of guest services; there is no reason it should go to wasting energy we need to conserve. It's truly win-win. We can help management create the perfect room, a hotel room that only exists perfectly while you're going to be in it."

Currently, some hotels are using energy management cards, which are inserted, usually by guests, into a slot upon entering a hotel room to allow energy use only while the card is actively inserted. The process involves the guest, an energy and cost-saving system with a transparency that is not suitable to premium hotel brands. Shovon's market-driven controller would be a more suitable energy management option for higher-end hotels that do not want guests to feel they have to be involved in energy management or to be aware where the hotel is conserving cost.

Karim says, "This kind of product (the Shovon industrial energy management controller) is truly limitless. Just as each guest is different, we realize hotel franchises have different needs. Shovon's controller is customizable, and we look forward to collaborating directly with individual hotel chains to create the right system for them."

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