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November 10, 2009 08:00 ET

Altierre Introduces Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution

Wireless Technology Can Help Retail Chains Prevent Billions in Lost Sales

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - November 10, 2009) - As part of its Sensor Network applications, Altierre Corp., a provider of ultra low power wireless solutions for retailers, today expanded its line of innovative wireless products by introducing the Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution -- a first of its kind technology that alerts retailers when it's time to re-stock inventory on shelves.

"Out-of-stocks cost more than $6 billion in lost sales in just the top 25 categories at the U.S. grocery store chains alone, and it's due to inefficient and insufficient shelf monitoring -- a problem that can be solved by our technology," said Altierre Chairman and CEO Sunit Saxena. "Our Out-of-Stock Sensors are wireless tags that send an alert when products are no longer detected, notifying managers that it's time to re-stock. The system continuously monitors shelves 24/7, which is virtually impossible to do manually." This gives retail chains the ability to monitor, quantify and manage down the lost sales from out-of-stocks across the chain.

A landmark 2002 study on out-of-stocks that examined retail practices and consumer habits revealed that retailers lose about four percent of sales due to not having items on the shelves. When confronted with an out-of-stock situation, nearly forty percent of consumers will make that purchase at another store. Often the product is in the store but not on the shelf.

By utilizing the same low cost infrastructure that is used by all of Altierre's other Retail Applications, Altierre's Sensor Network further enhances the ROI of its ultra low power, long range wireless infrastructure technology. Altierre's low-power wireless infrastructure, digital display and sensor applications bring bricks and mortar stores into the digital age, delivering both operational and bottom line improvements. "We're making it easy for retailers by offering them a wireless platform that provides the flexibility to roll out applications based on their needs," added Saxena.

"With our RF technology we have demonstrated the ability to communicate around water and metal objects, which has long hampered previous attempts to solve this problem. Additionally, the long range of our RF technology allows us to monitor large 60,000 square-foot retail stores with only a few access points, thus both reducing the cost and simplifying the infrastructure. Our solution, which is based on proprietary IP and took years to develop, is highly differentiated from others that require item level tags on products. Unlike Wi-Fi based devices that require frequent recharging, Altierre digital displays and sensors last five years without recharging. This is a key differentiator in delivering ROI for retailers."

The Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution is currently deployed in Altierre's Retail Technology Center comprising over 25,000 square feet at its San Jose headquarters, where it is available for demos to potential customers.

Altierre's Out-of-Stock Sensor Solution is the latest addition to its Total Store Solution portfolio of digital applications for retail chains. The company recently introduced its first Sensor Network application -- Temperature Sensors that monitor supermarket hot and cold cases for temperature variations, acting as an early warning system to help prevent food spoilage.

The new era of RF-based applications developed by Altierre are aimed at enhancing productivity, merchandising and the consumer shopping experience. Its platform now offers a full suite of infrastructure and customer facing solutions. From addressing food safety issues with temperature monitoring to preventing lost revenue from out-of-stocks and food spoilage, the platform offers retailers a new level of execution capability spanning thousands of stores across diverse geographies from a central locations. The company's digital pricing solution is a revolutionary green technology that offers the retail industry the potential to save billions of sheets of paper currently wasted on price tags and marketing messages. The eco-friendly system efficiently delivers real-time, chain-wide dynamic pricing, improves price accuracy, sharply reduces costs and paper waste, enables targeted communications with customers and employees and creates a clean-looking paperless environment. By automating tasks and allowing for better marketing to consumers while shopping inside stores, these solutions combine to provide retailers billions of additional dollars in both profits and revenues.

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Altierre Corp., a leading provider of ultra low power wireless solutions for retailers, provides single-platform hardware, software and other IT solutions that enable RF-based applications. Altierre's Total Store Solution encompasses its wireless pricing solution, which allows chain-wide dynamic pricing, improves price accuracy, sharply reduces costs and paper waste, and improves communication with consumers from the onset of the shopping experience to the point-of-purchase; Sensor Network applications including automated Temperature Sensors that act as an early warning system to help prevent food spoilage and Out-of-Stock Sensors that prevent lost revenue from out-of-stocks; and Dynamic Messaging, which brings the power of animation to its line of digital tags and signage. Altierre is a winner of the Red Herring 100 Award, a selection of the 100 private companies based in North America that play a leading role in innovation and technology. Incorporated in 2003, Altierre is headquartered in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit

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