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June 01, 2005 13:15 ET

Altium Enhances Altium Designer System With Two-Level Design Document Viewing Strategy

Altium Designer Smart PDF Coupled With Altium Designer Viewer Edition Improves Design Team Collaboration and Interaction

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2005 -- Altium Limited (ASX: ALU), a leading developer of Windows-based electronics design software, today announced enhanced support for collaboration with those not directly involved in the electronic product design editing process with the launch of a two-level design viewing strategy. This adds significant transparency and versatility to the design data management capabilities of the company's Altium Designer system, the single, unified application that incorporates all the technologies and capabilities necessary for complete electronic product development.

The two-level strategy consists of an Altium Designer Smart PDF with customized Wizard feature which is built into the Altium Designer system itself, and a separate Altium Designer Viewer Edition license option that provides full viewing, navigation and querying of all Altium Designer designs and documentation. These combine to facilitate effective communication across the entire design chain by making it easy for customers to share design files created with Altium Designer and provide secure and easy access to those not directly involved in design editing, both within and outside their organizations.

With Altium Designer Smart PDF, added as part of Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Altium Designer, customers can generate through an easy to use customized wizard, navigable PDF (Adobe® Portable Document Format) documents for design projects, which can be read on any PC platform that supports Adobe® Reader®. These Smart PDF documents contain a sophisticated view of a design project's schematic and PCB documents and include sorted tables of components and nets that can be used to navigate to the design objects. This new enhancement to Altium Designer greatly improves the ease of overall design creation process as it allows quick, easy, and secure distribution of design data across the organization and with third parties.

Altium Designer Viewer Edition complements Altium Designer Smart PDF by providing a deeper level of data interchange for users, adding to the flexible nature of the Altium Designer system. Designed to be installed by those in a company who are involved in the wider electronic product development process, but not directly editing design files, the Altium Designer Viewer Edition can be used to view, print, cross probe and extensively explore design projects and documents that have been created using Altium Designer. Users can open and securely explore single documents, design projects or multiple projects that have been grouped together as part of a design workspace. This gives users the ability to freely interrogate all aspects of a design while preserving the integrity of the projects by preventing editing of the design documents. Users can also generate reports and printouts, and open and view Gerber, ODB++, NC Drill, and other manufacturing files.

"The launch today of a two-level design viewing strategy demonstrates Altium's commitment to making design data more accessible to the entire design chain," said Nick Martin, founder and CEO, Altium. "Our customers face increasing pressure to speed products to market. It is crucial for them to be armed with tools that allow for secure and easy exchange of design data; not just within their own design team but externally -- with non-designers who are crucial to the overall success of the design process. Altium Designer Smart PDF and Altium Designer Viewer Edition provide those tools in a flexible and scalable manner, and are a further example of Altium delivering advanced features within our Altium Designer system that put our customers at the forefront of design innovation."

Mattias Ericson, an engineer with Omnisys Instruments and Altium Designer Protel customer, commented, "Altium has listened closely to the needs of the user community in enhancing the design data capabilities of Altium Designer. The availability of Smart PDF Wizard, as well as Altium Designer Viewer Edition, adds to the flexibility of the Altium Designer system."

Pricing and availability

Altium Designer Smart PDF is available via Service Pack 3 (SP3) for Altium Designer Nexar, Protel, CircuitStudio and CAMtastic customers, All service packs are provided free of charge for immediate download to existing licensed Altium Designer customers from SP3 was recently announced to customers and included over 200 new features and enhancements. Below are some key features:

--  Support for the Xilinx® Virtex™-4 family high-performance FPGA
--  Support for the Altera® Stratix® II family of high-performance
    FPGA devices
--  Support for new Altera® Stratix® industrial devices which include
    EP1S40F1508, EP1S40F780, EP1S60B956, EP1S60F1508, EP1S80F1020, and
--  Upgraded version control support with the addition of native support
    for Subversion, the next-generation open-source version control system
--  Support for Xilinx® ISE WebPACK 7.1
--  Support for Actel® Designer Platinum 6.1 and Libero IDE Platinum 6.1
--  Major improvements to the online help system
--  Significant performance increases, particularly in schematic editing,
    loading of PCB files and opening of projects
Altium Designer Viewer Edition is also provided free of charge and is activated by a license which is registered to the user every 12 months. Altium Designer Viewer Edition can be downloaded immediately from

For more information on Altium Designer, visit Below is a table of licensing options, including pricing.

Licensing Option                                         Price
CircuitStudio (for the Design Engineer)                 US$1,995
CAMtastic (for the CAM Specialist)                      US$2,995
Protel (for the PCB-Level System Designer)              US$9,995
Nexar (for the FPGA-Level System Designer)              US$9,995
Unified Nexar-Protel (for the Master System Designer)  US$11,995
Altium Designer Viewer Edition                         No charge
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