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May 07, 2008 09:03 ET

Altova Delivers Release 2 of XMLSpy 2008 With Important New Features

XMLSpy 2008r2 Includes Powerful New Functionality for Working With Very Large XML Files, Optimizing XSLT and XML Schema Development, and More

BEVERLY, MA--(Marketwire - May 7, 2008) - Altova® ( ), creator of XMLSpy®, the industry leading XML editor, and other popular XML, data management, UML, and Web services tools, recently announced the availability of Altova XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2 (v2008r2). The latest release of XMLSpy provides many new enhancements to help users optimize their XML development processes, including support for very large files, multiple features for optimizing XSLT development, a new Find in Schemas window, and much more.

"With Release 2, we've responded to valuable feedback we've received from our customers as well as current industry trends to add numerous useful and exciting enhancements to XMLSpy," said Alexander Falk, President and CEO for Altova. "With support for very large XML files, multiple enhancements for XSLT development, unique new Global Resources features, and more, XMLSpy 2008r2 promises to deliver productivity-enhancements to new and existing XMLSpy customers alike."

The new features and functionality in XMLSpy v2008r2 include:

-- Very Large XML File Support -- XMLSpy v2008r2 contains a number of advanced optimizations that allow developers to open and work with files that are about four to five times larger than those supported in the past, providing a huge benefit for users working with large amounts of data in the context of database applications, financial services, data gathering, and enterprise data integration. This new support results in a reduction of memory-consumption by up to 75 to 80 percent compared to the previous version when opening and validating XML documents in Text View.*

-- Support for Java, C#, JavaScript, and VBScript in XSLT 1.0/2.0 Engines -- Developers often embed Java, C#, JavaScript, or VBScript program code in their XSLT to add advanced functionality to their stylesheets. XMLSpy 2008r2 now supports these types of code in its XSLT engine, allowing developers to not only take advantage of XMLSpy's powerful XSLT editing and transformation capabilities for stylesheets that contain program code -- but also to test, perfect, and optimize those stylesheets using the XSLT debugger and XSLT profiler.

This enhanced functionality means that XMLSpy and AltovaXML™, Altova's royalty-free XML standards processor, contain the first universal XSLT engines to support all of these programming dialects.

-- Support for Visual Studio 2008 -- XMLSpy's support for seamless integration with and code generation for Visual Studio® has been extended in v2008r2 to include Visual Studio 2008. XMLSpy v2008r2 can now create a Visual Studio 2008 project file when autogenerating C# or C++ code. (Code compatible with previous versions of Visual Studio can also be generated.) In addition, updated support for integrating XMLSpy with the latest version of Visual Studio will help provide a smooth transition for developers as they upgrade to Visual Studio 2008.

-- New XSLT Information Windows -- The latest release includes two new entry helper windows that make working with advanced XSLT 1.0/2.0 stylesheets in XMLSpy even easier. The XSL Outline window lists the templates and functions in the current XSLT file, as well as those in any included or imported files. Color coded icons provide at-a-glance information on templates and functions, and users have several options for filtering, sorting, and configuring them directly in the entry helper window. The new XSLT Info window lets users view any schema and XML instance files associated with the current stylesheet. New associations can be configured here easily, and the window also supports adding files to projects and ZIP archives with just a few clicks.

-- Advanced Find & Replace in XML Schema Editor -- Adding to XMLSpy's renowned graphical XML Schema development functionality, the new Find in Schemas window allows users to perform detailed find and replace operations within single schemas and across complex, multi-file schemas and projects with ease. Several options for find/replace searching are available, and multiple tabs in the Find in Schemas output window let users perform several searches without losing their previous results.

-- Support for SOAP 1.2 -- In addition to SOAP 1.1, XMLSpy now supports the latest version of the standard, 1.2, in its SOAP client, SOAP debugger, and graphical WSDL editor.

-- Access to Global Resources -- Global Resources are a powerful set of new features for enhancing productivity in XMLSpy, as well as in Altova MapForce®, StyleVision®, and DatabaseSpy®. Global resources support allows users to define, share, and access file, folder, and database resources across multiple projects -- and even across multiple Altova software tools. Using a handy Global Resources dialog, developers can define target deployment environments for their XMLSpy projects on-the-fly, specifying ancillary files, directories, data sources, databases, etc. This means that a project can be thoroughly tested in multiple environments without having to be redesigned before it goes live.

Global Resources will be especially helpful for customers with multiple Altova tools, such as users of the MissionKit™ product bundle. Now these users will be able to work with related files and databases -- and even output produced dynamically through data mappings, XSL transformations, etc. -- seamlessly, across XMLSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, and DatabaseSpy.

Learn more about all the features in XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2 at:

To download a 30-day free trial of Altova XMLSpy visit:

Altova XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2 is currently available in Professional and Enterprise Editions, with pricing starting at $539 (USD).

XMLSpy may be purchased stand-alone or as part of the Altova MissionKit™ 2008 product bundle -- both are available directly from the Altova Online Shop at: Altova recommends the purchase of its Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) with all software purchases. Learn more at:

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Note to Editors:

*Reduced memory-consumption of up to 75-80% measured in internal tests at Altova with XML files ranging from 10MB to 200MB in size, comparing XMLSpy 2008r2 with XMLSpy 2008sp1. Your results may differ.

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