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September 17, 2015 12:00 ET

AltspaceVR Makes Virtual Reality Development Easy With New Software Development Kit

AltspaceVR Announces Grant Program and Free Support for Independent Developers to Help Grow the VR Community

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2015) - AltspaceVR, a social virtual reality (VR) company today announced the availability of the AltspaceVR Software Development Kit (SDK). While there has been massive interest in virtual reality (VR) among developers, projects have sometimes lagged due to difficulties in implementing the underlying technologies. The SDK makes creating VR applications simple for developers by allowing them to convert existing 3D websites, or create brand new experiences using JavaScript and three.js. Register here for a demonstration of SDK, including the first use of live programming in VR, and Q&A with technical staff today at 7:00 PM PDT.

The SDK ensures that developers' projects offer a high-quality VR experience through a set of application programming interfaces (APIs). The APIs allow developers to tap into the natural social interactions, synchronized multiplayer capabilities, networking, VOIP and immersive virtual environments provided by AltspaceVR. The SDK is based on open standards, and apps built using it are compatible with multiple web browsers in addition to AltspaceVR. Developers retain full ownership of any applications they create.

"Many developers are interested in creating content for VR but get stopped short by the steep learning curve of developing for virtual reality," said Gavan Wilhite, founder and director of engineering at AltspaceVR. "Using only standard web technology and our SDK, developers can now quickly and easily import their creation into VR. Whether you have a game, hobby project, architectural model, museum exhibit, art gallery, retail store, or something else entirely, AltspaceVR offers a way to reach your audience in the most natural and effective way possible online."

Live coding, productivity, and collaboration
With AltspaceVR SDK, developers can code and see the immediate impact on their projects without exiting VR and alternating between other applications. The SDK is optimized for use with CodePen, allowing for live and collaborative coding within VR. This saves programming time and energy, allowing developers to experiment and be more productive. The ability to fork code and meet in real time in VR accelerates collaborative efforts.

Developer grant program
To help support a range of projects, AltspaceVR is offering a developer initiative program, featuring a $150,000 fund available for grants. Candidates apply with a prototype and plan for their project; those selected will continue in the program until completion of a finished, multiplayer, synchronized application.

Several developers, including Thomas Kadlec, creator of Ghost Vector, Elijah Newman-Gomez of Anarchy Arcade, and Alex Whalton of No Drift Reality have already created games and experiences using the SDK.

"The AltspaceVR SDK has been easy to use, enabling me to create the game Flappy Dragon in less than two weeks," said software engineer Thomas Kadlec. "VR allows me to create far more interactive experiences than ever before and I look forward to creating many more applications with the SDK."

To download the SDK or apply for the AltspaceVR Developer Initiative Program, please visit the AltspaceVR Developer Portal at

Meet in VR with Gavan Wilhite, director of engineering, and Bruce Wooden, head of developer relations, for discussion at 7:00 PM PDT tonight. Register for the event here or go to for more information

About AltspaceVR
Based in Redwood City, California, AltspaceVR, a virtual reality software company, enables people to communicate in the most natural and fulfilling way possible online.

Founded in 2013, investors include Tencent, Dolby Family Ventures, Raine Ventures, Lux Capital, Western Technology Investments, Maven Ventures, Promus Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Formation 8, Google Ventures, Foundation Capital, SV Angel, Haystack Fund and Startcaps.

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