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Alvander Management Inc.

April 27, 2016 14:51 ET

Alvander Management Inc. Announces Grand Opening in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 27, 2016) - Alvander Management Inc. is an up-and-coming marketing firm that specializes in direct marketing and retail marketing campaigns for clients in the satellite and communications fields. Market Manager, James Alvarez, announced the company's plan to expand from their two locations in 2016 by moving into new markets and expanding five additional retail partnerships. When asked about his personal plans to expansion, Alvarez remarked, "My goals for this year are to build a solid foundation and structure for the business which will allow me to grow and expand into 3 other markets by April 2017."

Having started with the business as an entry level employee, Alvarez promotes merit based elevation through Alvander Management Inc.'s leadership development and mentor system, which trains employees to excel in areas such as business management, public speaking, direct marketing, and leadership strategies. When asked about his experience with the program, he stated, "Expansion means more opportunity. Just like I was given an opportunity, I would love to pass that opportunity on to others." As a manager, Alvarez strives to put clients and employees first by paying it forward and providing opportunities from within the organization that helped him to develop into an entrepreneur.

Forward momentum is the cornerstone of the company culture at Alvander Management Inc. When asked about the goal-oriented atmosphere, Alvarez asserted, "In this business, growth is always great. Our atmosphere strives on new team members. It creates a positive working environment and motivates our leaders." By looking toward the future, individuals at Alvander develop a big-picture perspective that they use to troubleshoot issues for clients before they even happen. As marketing professionals, having a big-picture mentality can enable the company to foresee potential markets or clientele that others would miss.

Alvarez affirmed, "The most important vehicle for expansion is having a clear vision. Everything starts with a vision. When you have a clear vision, your perspective changes, and you'll figure out how to attain your vision." Alvander Management Inc. has helped numerous employees attain their goals through leadership development. Recently, Alvarez promoted Rodrigo Jovel for his commitment to building positive brand images for Alvander Management's clients. As a Corporate Trainer, Jovel will get the opportunity to mentor employees and build a team of talented marketing professional to assist with retail partners in the Sacramento area. Having mentored Jovel, Alvarez exclaimed, "We are all very excited, motivated and passionate in our office. Seeing a person start from entry level to completing the management and training program under a year is very inspiring. It makes us all strive together and push harder as a team to reach our goals."

Alvander Management Inc. has announced their plans to open additional full-time positions to help with this expansion into Sacramento. Alvarez stated, "We are most excited about the new territory. It's always great to have a new change in scenery and a different perspective." During this time, managers like Alvarez and Jovel are on the lookout for sharp talent in the Sacramento area. For more information about the expansion or employment opportunities, reach out to him directly at

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