March 27, 2014 12:30 ET

AMAPCEO Members Overwhelmingly Vote Yes in Strike Vote

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 27, 2014) - Angered by demands for punishing concessions, members of AMAPCEO, the second largest bargaining agent in the Ontario Public Service, have given their union the authority to stage job actions and workplace disruptions. In a historic first-time ever strike vote, over 94% voted in favour.

"Government negotiators are demanding major reductions to health and wellness benefits, retiree benefits, sick pay, disability benefits and salary progression," says AMAPCEO President Gary Gannage. "Together, the demands for cuts, concessions and claw-backs could cost individual AMAPCEO members and their families thousands of dollars every year."

Gannage says this is not what Premier Wynne promised earlier this month when she said: "I believe it would be a mistake to declare war on labour… we don't need that kind of risky, radical approach. Not ever. But especially not now." As Gannage pointed out, "despite the Premier's commitment, the bargaining team that she sent to the AMAPCEO table didn't get the message, because this certainly feels like a declaration of war on us. Either this is a clear indication of what's really in store for workers across Ontario's broader public sector, or it's time for her to give instructions to back off the attack on her own employees."

The Chair of AMAPCEO's OPS bargaining team says the callous and uncompromising attitude of the Employer inspired an overwhelming show of support from the union's members. "We had an amazing turnout across the province in our first ever strike vote, and we received an overwhelming mandate from a membership who used to see strike as a four letter word," says Dianne Colville. "Our membership is collectively determined to stand up for fairness, and to reject concessions that would hurt us and our families."

AMAPCEO's President says the union is willing to be reasonable. "AMAPCEO has always maintained an approach to bargaining that considers the financial constraints of the government," says Gannage. "But in 2012, our members made greater sacrifices than any other bargaining unit in the Ontario Public Service or the broader public sector. Now government negotiators have come back for much, much more."

AMAPCEO is the Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario and is a bargaining agent representing approximately 11,500 professional and supervisory employees who work in the Ontario Public Service. For information visit

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