October 18, 2007 15:55 ET

AMAPCEO Submits Brief to Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 18, 2007) - The Association of Management, Administrative and Professional Crown Employees of Ontario (AMAPCEO) submitted a brief to the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions yesterday. AMAPCEO President and CEO Gary Gannage presented the submission on behalf of the Association on the first day of the Commission's province-wide public hearings.

AMAPCEO is the bargaining agent representing over 10,000 professional and supervisory employees who work for the Government of Ontario in all ministries and in a number of agencies, boards and commissions.

In his presentation, Gannage stated that AMAPCEO endorses the following core principles that were announced when the Commission was established by Finance Minister Greg Sorbara in November 2006:

- the importance of maintaining and encouraging the system of defined benefit pension plans in Ontario;

- the importance of maintaining the affordability of defined benefit pension plans for both members and sponsors;

- the importance of pension plans in supporting a competitive economy;

- the need to safeguard the security of pension benefits; and

- the need to balance the rights and obligations of employers, plan members and pensioners.

Gannage said that the focus of the brief was on pension asset transfers involving groups of employees, in particular, the impact of Section 80 of the Pension Benefits Act (PBA) on employees transferring on divestment between various employers within the broader public sector. Gannage believes the terms of Section 80 are currently being interpreted and applied very narrowly by the Ontario Superintendent of Financial Services with the result that the pensions of divested employees are being seriously adversely affected.

The full text of AMAPCEO's submission, as well as Gary Gannage's presentation to the Commission, can be accessed on the AMAPCEO website:

As the first organization to present to the Commission, Gannage said, AMAPCEO has reserved the right to submit additional comments, if necessary, to take account of the presentations made by other stakeholders during the remainder of the public hearings, which are currently scheduled to extend through November 15th.


Chaired by former York University President Harry Arthurs, the commission was established in late 2006 by the Ontario Minister of Finance to "examine the legislation that governs the funding of defined benefit pension plans in Ontario, the rules relating to pension deficits and surpluses and other issues relating to the security, viability and sustainability of the pension system in Ontario". More information on the commission, including its terms of reference, its February 2007 discussion paper, its research program and the dates and locations of public hearings, can be found at


AMAPCEO is the second-largest bargaining agent in the Ontario Public Service, representing over 10,000 professional and supervisory civil servants who work directly for the Government of Ontario in over 130 communities across the province. Founded in 1992, AMAPCEO has established a strong record of negotiating strong and innovative collective agreements, of adopting a collegial, problem-solving approach to dispute resolution and of advocating for an apolitical professional public service as a critical component in Canada's system of parliamentary democracy.

AMAPCEO members include policy and financial analysts, auditors, economists, program supervisors, mediators, arbitrators, nursing supervisors, senior scientists and chaplains.

For further information about AMAPCEO, and to access the AMAPCEO submission to the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions, please visit the AMAPCEO website:

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