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November 09, 2011 08:00 ET

AMAX to Preview New & Future Technologies at the 2011 Supercomputing Show in Seattle, WA

Breakthroughs in Parallel High Performance Computing Technologies; Designed to Advance Scientific Discovery

FREMONT, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2011) - AMAX, a leader in High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, today announced that it will be previewing new & future HPC technologies, including a sampling of the next-generation Intel Xeon E5 platforms, the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) technology, and Big Data solutions geared towards Hadoop, at the upcoming 2011 Supercomputing show in Seattle, WA. These breakthrough technologies are targeted at HPC, Enterprise Datacenter, and very specifically, the area where Big Data meets High Performance Computing, all of which rely heavily on highly-parallel processing to accelerate and advance scientific discovery.

The industry is experiencing rapid advances in new computing architectures utilizing a high degree of parallelism in smaller, lower power processing cores to deliver superior performance on highly-parallel applications. A shift away from the CPU as the main number cruncher for the purposes of better performance with lower overhead/footprint in a supercomputer has spawned new parallel computing techniques designed to address a wide range of important problems ranging from financial risk management to genetic analysis, climate simulations and the search for new sources of energy. Backing this industry shift to massive parallel computing, AMAX will be previewing the future Intel MIC (Many Integrated Cores) technology, which is based on the Intel exascale computing research and previous Larrabee graphics technology programs. Packaged as a PCI Express add-on board, the Intel MIC is designed to be a drop-in replacement for GPGPU-based supercomputers, with the added benefit of utilizing the industry accepted x86 programming model.

AMAX will also be previewing the future Intel Xeon E5 processor family and platforms, which are designed to support the Intel MIC co-processor in parallel, and is the ideal solution for High Performance Computing environments that are hungry for maximum performance, optimum compute density, and best-in-class I/O capacity. The next-generation of Intel Xeon processors will boast an average performance boost of 1.57x over previous generation Intel processors and will be integrated into AMAX workstation, server and cluster solutions. AMAX will be showing a range of Intel Xeon E5 compatible platforms, including a powerful tower workstation capable of housing 4-GPUs or 4-MICs, and a maximum-density 2U quad-node server with up to 64 Next-Generation Intel Xeon E5 processor cores, all designed to push the envelope of high performance computing.

In addition, AMAX will be previewing a new means of parallel batch processing in the form of a Hadoop cluster solution. AMAX engineers have created a highly scalable, balanced Hadoop cluster configuration to deliver superior data analysis performance without limitation. Scientific applications can take advantage of Hadoop and its transparent data replication, data locality aware scheduling and fault tolerance capabilities used in video and image analysis, log processing and data warehousing. The AMAX solutions will provide the commodity hardware servers and Hadoop software packages needed to efficiently and effectively analyze and transform enormous datasets into business insight and discovery.

AMAX will be previewing these new future technologies for Supercomputing at SC 2011, held at Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA in booth #915, November 14 through 17, 2011. For more information on AMAX products and services, please visit: .

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Founded in 1979, AMAX is a leading innovator of High-Performance Computing (HPC) server, storage and cluster solutions. The company applies a unique combination of hardware and software engineering expertise with an open standards-based approach to dramatically increase performance and ROI for the most demanding supercomputing applications. Global organizations, including some of the world's best-known brands, use AMAX offerings to solve complex computing challenges, meet product development demands, reduce energy consumption, and stay competitive. AMAX is proud to be ISO 9001 Certified and China Compulsory Certified. The company headquarters is in Fremont, CA with offices in Richardson, TX, Taipei, Taiwan, and Suzhou and Shanghai, China. For more information on products and services, visit

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