SOURCE: Amazee

September 17, 2008 12:00 ET

Amazee Launches First Network for "Collective Action"

Amazee Provides Powerful Social Networking and Collaboration Management Tools to Support Organizing, Tracking, Promoting, and Funding Projects of Any Size

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and ZURICH, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwire - September 17, 2008) - Amazee, the first social collaboration network, today ended its trial program and formally launched its free platform designed to make it easier for any individual or group anywhere to initiate and collaborate on public and private projects. Amazee is the first online platform to combine standard social networking tools, online collaboration management tools, and the ability for project initiators to promote their projects, offer sponsorships, and sell advertising.

"Amazee is a more evolved social networking site devoted to the joy of collective action and designed to empower individuals and small groups to launch global initiatives," said Gregory Gerhardt, CEO of Amazee, which is headquartered in Zurich and has an office in San Francisco. "Activism is part of the culture of the Internet and is fueling the rapid growth of social networking. Amazee was built to channel this activism and provides powerful tools to help project initiators organize, collaborate on, track, promote, and fund projects of any size with participants from anywhere around the world."

Studieren ohne Grenzen ("Studies Without Borders") is an example of the capabilities and power of Amazee projects. The project supports young people from regions affected by war and political oppression, enabling them to launch their own projects related to reconstruction, peace, and the promotion of human rights. Studieren ohne Grenzen:

--  Gives university scholarships to motivated young individuals with
    projects for their home regions
--  Supports educational quality in the targeted regions
--  Raises global awareness of the situation in crisis regions often
    forgotten by the media.

"Studieren ohne Grenzen is already 200 members strong and growing internationally thanks to the Amazee social collaboration platform," said Felix Weth, project initiator of Studieren ohne Grenzen. "We have relied heavily on the collaboration tools, which other social networking platforms lack and which have made it possible to easily organize our diverse activities. In addition, we could not be making the kind of progress we are seeing without the ability to promote our site and offer sponsorships. Because it's so easy to do, I expect a new wave of very powerful, socially minded international organizations to form on Amazee."


Social Networking: tools include member profiles, invitations, messaging, and newsfeeds.

Collaboration Management: features include to-do list, calendar, discussion forum, write-board, voting, and file sharing.

Site Promotion: is enabled by a shareable project home page accessible by anyone on the Internet without an Amazee membership, making it easy for project teams to drive new members to a site via all the tools available on the Internet, including other social networking sites, email campaigns, media outreach, and advertising.

Project Funding: is an important and unique part of Amazee, providing three built-in mechanisms for projects to raise money:

--  Financial Sponsorship - Projects can request and accept direct
    donations via PayPal.
--  Non-Financial Sponsoring - Projects can request help in the form of
    physical activities and supplies.
--  Banner Advertising - Projects can sell banner ad space on their home
    pages and the revenues are shared between the project and Amazee.


Founded in 2007 by Dania Gerhardt, Gregory Gerhardt and Prodosh Banerjee, Amazee is headquartered in Zurich and has an office in San Francisco. The company social collaboration platform empowers its users to connect and collaborate on public and private projects. Powerful tools for social networking, project management, and promotion help teams located anywhere pursue and publicize their ideas and common goals. For more information on Amazee, visit

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