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March 05, 2007 08:00 ET

AMB Dataminers Inc. Introduces Web-Based Hosted Pay-as-You-Go Data Profiling/Quality Software

CHICAGO, IL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 5, 2007 -- AMB Dataminers introduces for pay-per-use access to sophisticated data profiling/cleansing/quality of corporate databases over the Internet. By offering on-demand software as a service, AMB provides an innovative, inexpensive data management solution to companies of any size. can be purchased as an outsourced data-quality solution, rebranded or linked to corporate intranets or as a stand-alone desktop product -- communicating with the same shared repository. Databases can be profiled for as little as $200. is in beta release and can process large databases in a secure, private, client-controlled environment.

Data analysts estimate that a large percentage of project failures are due to unclean data. By providing the technology to fix project rate failure, can decrease project costs and timelines.

"There's a huge market that needs sophisticated data cleansing capability to be competitive," said Steven Meister, CEO of AMB Dataminers. "Large corporations unnecessarily invest millions of dollars for antiquated data profiling/quality products that don't deliver. We're offering companies the opportunity to get what they need, the way they need it, the way they want to pay for it."

Today, most corporations have multiple automated systems that provide critical strategic, regulatory, and operational information. With the globalization and automation of business processes, ever-increasing government regulations and corporate accountability, data quality has become a critical challenge, and was developed to address this need.

Pay-As-You-Go-Data-Quality offers many benefits to end-users, given that it is deployable in multiple operating modes, easy to use and intuitive, capable of working at both field and intra-record levels, able to handle a wide variety of data sources, capable of integrating with data-quality software, executable in both batch processing and real-time, and accessible when and where it's needed.

Why Use Profiling Software

Mark Albala, of CS Solutions, stated, "I am pleased to see a pay-as-you-go data quality solution that companies can integrate into their test processes." Albala, who has been speaking at several venues about traditional test processes being insufficient to test data as we move our data management activities from a batch to a more real time environment, stated, "The pay-as-you-go solution provides companies a real opportunity to prove out a new test process without a big investment."

Predictive Data Management™

Unlike traditional data management solutions that rely on confirming suspected problems after the fact, causing down-time, interrupted customer service and missed schedules, Predictive Data Management™ (PDM) discovers unknown potential problems before the fact and prevents data irregularities from ever taking place.

About AMB Dataminers

AMB Dataminers ( is a leading provider of data profiling/quality solutions that assist organizations in understanding the content and completeness of their data. AMB provides industry-leading technologies that allow organizations to collect, profile, cleanse, and move their corporate data. These are essential processes for corporations that are involved with projects such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence systems and data warehousing.

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